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Evolutionary Genetics

Second Edition

John Maynard Smith

Publication Date - April 1998

ISBN: 9780198502319

354 pages

Retail Price to Students: $189.99


The first edition of Maynard Smith's Evolutionary Genetics (first published in 1989) was welcomed as the first comprehensive introduction to the molecular and population aspects of evolutionary genetics, and has now become one of the definitive textbooks in the field. Aimed at advanced undergraduates in the biological sciences, the book covers basic population and quantitative genetics, evolutionary game theory, behavioral evolution, sexual selection and mating systems, speciation, and macroevolution. Theory and mathematics are clearly explained, with the aid of problems at the ends of the chapters, and the author takes care to place these within the context of questions central to current research in evolutionary biology. This Second Edition has been revised and updated throughout to reflect new findings and research interests. In the chapter on phenotypic evolution, the author incorporates new research on game theory. The discussions of sex and host-parasite interactions have been extensively revised and the author has added a new chapter on molecular genetics and the reconstruction of evolutionary history. Evolutionary Genetics remains the essential textbook for advanced undergraduates seeking a clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date account of the theory of evolutionary biology.

Previous Publication Date(s)

May 1989

Table of Contents

    1. Evolution by natural selection
    2. Models of populations
    3. Evolution in diploid populations
    4. The variability of natural populations
    5. Evolution at more than one locus
    6. Quantitative genetics
    7. A model of phenotypic evolution
    8. Finite and structured populations
    9. Evolution in structured populations
    10. The evolution of prokaryotes
    11. The evolution of the eukaryotic genome
    12. The evolution of genetic systems. I. Sex and recombination
    13. The evolution of genetic systems. II. Some consequences of sex
    14. Macroevolution
    15. Reconstructing evolutionary history

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