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Evolutionary Genetics

Concepts and Case Studies

Edited by Charles W. Fox and Jason B. Wolf

Publication Date - April 2006

ISBN: 9780195168181

608 pages
7 x 10 inches

What impact do evolutionary processes have on genetic variation, and what are the consequences? These questions unify the diverse field of evolutionary genetics, and this book attempts to answer them.


Charles Fox and Jason Wolf have brought together leading researchers to produce a cutting-edge primer introducing readers to the major concepts in modern evolutionary genetics. This book spans the continuum of scale, from studies of DNA sequence evolution through proteins and development to multivariate phenotypic evolution, and the continuum of time, from ancient events that lead to current species diversity to the rapid evolution seen over relatively short time scales in experimental evolution studies. Chapters are accessible to an audience lacking extensive background in evolutionaryy genetics but also current and in-depth enough to be of value to established researchers in evolution biology.

About the Author(s)

Charles Fox is an evolutionary ecologist who uses quantitative genetic approaches to study evolution and adaptation of ecologically important traits. He has coedited two previous books for Oxford University Press, Maternal Effects as Adaptations (1998) and Evolutionary Ecology: Concepts and Case Studies (2001).

Jason Wolf is an evolutionary geneticist who integrates empirical and theoretical quantitative and population genetics to study the evolution of complex traits. He coedited Epistasis and the Evolutionary Process (2000).


"If you are a professor or established researcher, buy this book, show it to your students and start a reading group about the various chapters. If you are a postdoc or Ph.D.-student, buy this book, show it to your advisors and start a reading group about the various chapters. I can guarantee that you will learn a lot and get many new insights." -- Erik I. Svensson, Animal Biology, Vol. 57, No. 3

"Impressive compendium of essays ... I encourage evolutionary biologists of all stripes to read it." --BioScience

"Evolutionary genetics is an ever-expanding field that treats the fundamental processes of evolution, and so lies at the core of evolutionary biology. Professors Fox and Wolf have convinced many leading international authorities to join them in a comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of evolutionary genetics. Students should find the resulting collection an ideal entry into their studies of evolution."--Douglas J. Futuyma, Distinguished Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution, State University of New York

"After reviewing the contributions to this excellent volume, I conclude that it is time to rephrase Dobzhanksy's famous quote to say, 'Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of Evolutionary Genetics!'"--Gunter P. Wagner, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

"A comprehensive survey of the ideas in the field, by a group of authors that reads like a who's who in evolutionary genetics."--Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at State University of New York-Stony Brook, and the author of Phenotypic Plasticity: Beyond Nature and Nurture

"This is a superb survey of the many diverse viewpoints and new developments in a rapidly blossoming field."--Stevan J. Arnold, Professor, Department of Zoology, Oregon State University

Table of Contents

    PART I: Principles of Evolutionary Genetics
    1. From Mendel to Molecules: A Brief History of Evolutionary Genetics, Michael R. Dietrich
    2. Genetic Variation, Marta L. Wayne and Michael M. Miyamota
    3. Mutation, David Houle and Alexey Kondrashov
    4. Natural Selection, Michael J. Wade
    5. Stochastic Processes in Evolution, John H. Gillespie
    6. Genetics and Evolution in Structured Populations, Charles J. Goodnight
    PART II: Molecular Evolution
    7. Detecting Selection at the Molecular Level, Michael W. Nachman
    8. Rates of Molecular Evolution, Francisco Rodríguez-Trelles, Rosa Tarrío and Francisco J. Ayala
    9. Weak Selection on Noncoding Gene Features, Ying Chen and Wolfgang Stephan
    10. Evolution of Eukaryotic Genome Structure, Dmitri Petrov and Jonathan F. Wendel
    11. New Genes, New Functions: Gene Family Evolution and Phylogenetics, Joe Thornton
    12. Gene Genealogies, Noah A. Rosenberg
    PART III: From Genotype to Phenotype
    13. Gene Function and Molecular Evolution, Simon C. Lovell
    14. Evolution of Multidomain Proteins, László Patthy
    15. Evolutionary Developmental Biology, David L. Stern
    16. Canalization, Mark L. Siegal and Aviv Bergman
    17. Evolutionary Epigenetics, Eva Jablonka & Marion J. Lamb
    PART IV: Quantitative Genetics and Selection
    18. Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics, Derek A. Roff
    19. Genetic Architecture of Quantitative Variation, James M. Cheverud
    20. Evolution of Genetic Variance-Covariance Structure, Patrick C. Phillips and Katrina L. McGuigan
    21. Genotype-Environment Interactions and Evolution, Samuel M. Scheiner
    22. Genetics of Sexual Selection, Allen J. Moore and Patricia J. Moore
    23. Social Selection, Steven A. Frank
    PART V: Genetics of Speciation
    24. The Evolution of Reproductive Isolating Barriers, Norman A. Johnson
    25. Genetics of Reproductive Isolation and Species Differences in Model Organisms, Pawel Michalak and Mohamed A. F. Noor
    26. Natural Hybridization, Michael L. Arnold and John M. Burke
    27. Population Bottlenecks and Founder Effects, Lisa Marie Meffert
    28. Theory of Phylogenetic Estimation, Ashley N. Egan and Keith A. Crandall
    PART VI: Evolutionary Genetics in Action
    29. Evolutionary Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions, Paula X. Kover
    30. The evolutionary Genetics of Senescence, Daniel E. L. Promislow and Anne M. Bronikowski
    31. Experimental Evolution, Adam K. Chippindale
    32. Evolutionary conservation genetics, Richard Frankham

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