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Essays in Philosophy of Religion

Philip L. Quinn
Edited by Christian Miller

Publication Date - December 2006

ISBN: 9780199297047

328 pages

This volume brings together fourteen of the best papers by the late Philip Quinn, one of the world's leading philosophers of religion.


This volume brings together fourteen of the best papers by the late Philip Quinn, one of the world's leading philosophers of religion. It covers the following topics: religious epistemology, religious ethics, religion and tragic dilemmas, religion and political liberalism, topics in Christian philosophy, and religious diversity.


  • Selects the most influential writings of a leading philosopher of religion
  • Includes an extensive introduction
  • Provides a complete bibliography of Quinn's work

About the Author(s)

Christian Miller is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University.


"This book is a posthumous collection of some of the best papers of a distinguished, many-sided philosopher of religion, edited by one of his last students. The foreword is a humorous, piquant, and appreciative personal reminisence by Eleonore Stump.... this excellent selection of his papers on religion leaves one with high esteem for a thoroughly expert philosopher who was also a deep, compassionate, and truthful human being."-Robert C. Roberts, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Table of Contents

    Foreword: Eleonore Stump
    Introduction: Christian Miller
    Religious Ethics
    Religious Obedience and Moral Autonomy
    Divine Command Ethics: A Causal Theory
    The Primacy of God's Will in Christian Ethics
    Religion and Tragic Dilemmas
    Moral Obligation, Religious Demand, and Practical Conflict
    Tragic Dilemmas, Suffering Love, and Christian Life
    Religious Epistemology
    In Search of the Foundations of Theism
    The Foundations of Theism Again: A Rejoinder to Plantinga
    Religion and Political Liberalism
    Political Liberalisms and Their Exclusions of the Religious
    Religious Citizens within the Limits of Public Reason
    Topics in Christian Philosophy
    'In Adam's Fall, We Sinned All'
    Christian Atonement and Kantian Justification
    Kantian Philosophical Ecclesiology
    Religious Diversity
    Toward Thinner Theologies: Hick and Alston on Religious Diversity
    On Religious Diversity & Tolerance
    Complete Works of Philip L. Quinn