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Selected Readings

Edited by Louis P. Pojman and Robert Westmoreland

Publication Date - September 1996

ISBN: 9780195102505

336 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches


Equality: Selected Readings collects the most representative material on the subject of equality, providing critical analyses of the egalitarian principles which underlie contemporary debate on issues such as welfare, civil and human rights, affirmative action, and immigration. The most comprehensive anthology of its kind, this volume includes a broad range of readings, from the classical works of Aristotle, Hobbes, and Rousseau to contemporary selections by John Rawls, Thomas Nagel, R.M. Hare, Harry Frankfurt, Wallace Matson, Robert Nozick, Michael Walzer, and others. Several important topics are covered in depth, including the concept of equality; equal opportunity; welfare egalitarianism; resource egalitarianism; complex equality; and equal human worth and human rights. A comprehensive introduction and bibliography are also included. Ideal for courses in political philosophy, this unique work covers all sides of the crucial debate over equality and strives to expand readers' understanding of the issues at stake in order to help them arrive at informed judgments.

Table of Contents

    Introduction: The Nature and Value of Equality
    I. Classical Readings
    1. Justice and Equality, Aristotle
    2. Equality in the State of Nature, Thomas Hobbes
    3. On the Origins of Inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    4. On Justice and Equality, David Hume
    5. The Manifesto of Equality, Francis-Noel Babeuf and Sylvain Marechal
    II. On the Concept of Equality Itself
    6. Egalitarianism as a Descriptive Concept, Felix E. Oppenheim
    7. Equality and Time, Dennis McKerlie
    8. Inequality, Larry Temkin
    III. General Considerations
    9. Groundwork for a Metaphysic of Morals (second formula of the categorical Imperative and other selections), Kant
    10. Justice Does Not Imply Equality, Robert Nozick
    11. Against Equality, J.R. Lucas
    12. Egalitarianism and the Equal Consideration of Interests, Stanley I. Benn
    13. Justice and Equality, Gregory Vlastos
    IV. Equal Opportunity
    14. Equality of Opportunity and Beyond, John Schaar
    15. Liberty versus Equal Opportunity, James Fishkin
    16. The Concept of Equal Opportunity, Peter Westen
    17. Life is Not a Race, Robert Nozick
    18. A Liberal Defense of Equal Opportunity, William Galston
    V. The Contemporary Debate on the Nature and Value of Equality
    19. Equality and Desert, John Rawls
    20. Justice: A Funeral Oration, Wallace Matson
    21. Radical Welfare Egalitarianism, Kai Nielson
    22. A Utilitarian Defense of Equality, R.M. Hare
    23. Equality and Equal Opportunity for Welfare, Richard Arneson
    24. A Critique of Welfare Egalitarianism, Eric Rakowski
    25. Equality and Partiality, Thomas Nagel
    26. Equality as a Moral Ideal, Harry Frankfurt
    27. A Defense of Resource Equality, Eric Rakowski
    28. On Equal Human Worth: A Critique of Contemporary Egalitarianism, Louis Pojman
    29. Complex Equality, Michael Walzer
    30. Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut

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