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Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms

Perry A. Frey and Adrian D. Hegeman

Publication Date - January 2007

ISBN: 9780195122589

848 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

Retail Price to Students: $350.00

This text by Perry A. Frey and Adrian D. Hegeman accomplishes the feat of producing the long-awaited replacement for Walsh's classic text.


Books dealing with the mechanisms of enzymatic reactions were written a generation ago. They included volumes entitled Bioorganic Mechanisms, I and II by T.C. Bruice and S.J. Benkovic, published in 1965, the volume entitled Catalysis in Chemistry and Enzymology by W.P. Jencks in 1969, and the volume entitled Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms by C.T. Walsh in 1979. The Walsh book was based on the course taught by W.P. Jencks and R.H. Abeles at Brandeis University in the 1960's and 1970's. By the late 1970's, much more could be included about the structures of enzymes and the kinetics and mechanisms of enzymatic reactions themselves, and less emphasis was placed on chemical models. Walshs book was widely used in courses on enzymatic mechanisms for many years. Much has happened in the field of mechanistic enzymology in the past 15 to 20 years. Walshs book is both out-of-date and out-of-focus in todays world of enzymatic mechanisms. There is no longer a single volume or a small collection of volumes to which students can be directed to obtain a clear understanding of the state of knowledge regarding the chemicals mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze biological reactions. There is no single volume to which medicinal chemists and biotechnologists can refer on the subject of enzymatic mechanisms. Practitioners in the field have recognized a need for a new book on enzymatic mechanisms for more than ten years, and several, including Walsh, have considered undertaking to modernize Walshs book. However, these good intentions have been abandoned for one reason or another. The great size of the knowledge base in mechanistic enzymology has been a deterrent. It seems too large a subject for a single author, and it is difficult for several authors to coordinate their work to mutual satisfaction. This text by Perry A. Frey and Adrian D. Hegeman accomplishes this feat, producing the long-awaited replacement for Walshs classic text.

Table of Contents

    1. Enzymes and Catalytic Mechanisms
    2. Kinetics of Enzymatic
    3. Coenzymes I: Organic Coenzymes
    4. Coenzymes II: Metallic Coenzymes
    5. Enzyme Inhibition
    6. ACYL Group Transfer: Proteases
    7. Isomerization
    8. Decarboxylation and Carboxylation
    9. Addition and Elimination
    10. Phosphotransfer AND NucleotidylTransfer
    11. ATP-Dependent Synthetases and Lifases
    12. Glycosyl Group Transferases
    13. Nitrogen and Sulfur Transferases
    14. Carbon-Carbon Condensation and Cleavage
    15. Alkyltransferases
    16. Oxidoreductases
    17. Oxidases and Oxygenases
    18. Complex Enzymes

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