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Endurance and Endeavour

Russian History 1812-2001

Fifth Edition

J. N. Westwood

Publication Date - December 2002

ISBN: 9780199246175

656 pages

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In Russia, both rulers and ruled long endeavoured to transform their country, each in their own forcible way. Their efforts never quite seemed to bring the results hoped for, and despite reform and revolution some things changed very little. This book sets out to relate Russian tradition and circumstances to the events of history and to encourage readers to seek their own explanation of the country's paradox.

For this fifth edition of Endurance and Endeavour J. N. Westwood has completely revised the text and bibliography to incorporate recent research and findings from formerly closed archives, and has added a new chapter covering the Yeltsin years.


  • All of the chapters have been revised to incorporate recent research and findings from formerly closed archives
  • Integrates new material on topical subjects such as Chechnya
  • The chapters covering 1917-1941 have been substantially re-worked to take account of recent debates and developments
  • Includes a new chapter covering the Yeltsin years
  • The annotated bibliography has been fully revised and updated

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 1993
September 1987
February 1982

Table of Contents

    1. Eighteen Twelve and After
    2. Zeal Overcomes All
    3. The Tsar Emancipator
    4. Reformers and Revolutionaries
    5. Alexander III
    6. Expansion in Asia
    7. 1905
    8. Russia in 1914
    9. The Empire's Last War
    10. 1917
    11. Civil Wars
    12. Disputes and Decisions
    13. Foundations of Stalinism
    14. The Great Patriotic War
    15. Stalin and Sclerosis
    16. The Krushchev Transfusion
    17. Brezhnev and the Long Wait
    18. Gorbachev's Transformation
    19. Shocks and Therapies
    Annotated Bibliography