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Elementary Linear Circuit Analysis

Second Edition

Leonard S. Bobrow

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780195113723

736 pages


A "student-friendly" introduction to the basics of electric circuit analysis, this sophomore-level text covers traditional material, as well as such modern topics as op-amps and the use of digital computers for circuit analysis. The presentation is very lucid and thorough with clearer and more complete explanations of Kirchoff's laws, and nodal analysis than in comparable texts. Bobrow also places greater emphasis on signals and waveforms. This text features evaluation of initial conditions, phasor diagrams, and coverage of SPICE.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 1981

Table of Contents

    1. Basic Elements and Laws
    2. Circuit Analysis Techniques
    3. Important Circuit Concepts
    4. Energy-Storage Elements
    5. First-Order Circuits
    6. Second-Order Circuits
    7. Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis
    8. Sinusoidal Analysis
    9. Power
    10. Important AC Concepts
    11. The Laplace Transform
    12. Two-Port Networks
    13. Fourier Series
    Appendix A. Matrices and Determinants
    Appendix B. SPICE

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