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Electronic and Computer Music

Fourth Edition

Peter Manning

Publication Date - March 2013

ISBN: 9780199746392

576 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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The fourth edition of the classic text on the history and evolution of electronic music as been updated and expanded to include key developments from the dawn of the 21st century to the present day


In this new edition of the classic text on the evolution of electronic music, Peter Manning extends the definitive account of the medium from its birth to include key developments from the dawn of the 21st century to the present day. The scope of the many developments that have taken place since the late 1990s are considered in a series of new and updated chapters, including topics such as the development of the digital audio workstation, laptop music, the Internet, and the emergence of new performance interfaces. Emphasizing the functional characteristics of emerging technologies and their influence on the creative development of the medium, Manning covers key developments in both commercial and the non-commercial sectors to provide readers with the most comprehensive resource available on the evolution of this ever-expanding area of creativity.

New to this Edition

  • Contains six new chapters along with significant revisions to existing chapters
  • Includes a companion website featuring a supplementary discography


  • Presents updated and expanded perspective that now extends from the very first pioneering developments at the turn of the 20th century to the present day

About the Author(s)

Peter Manning is director of the Electronic Music Studio at The University of Durham, UK, a position he has held since 1980. In addition to writing books and articles on the history and development of the medium he has directed several research programs into computer music and composed a number of electroacoustic works that have been widely performed in Europe, the Far East, and America.


"Provides a remarkable breadth of scientifically oriented information for advanced students and practitioners in the field who need to understand how the current technological landscape came about. This new edition, along with the earlier editions, belongs in academic music research libraries as well as relevant science collections...Highly recommended." --Choice

Reviews of the Previous Edition:

"This is a thoroughly recommended book which covers the enormous field with commendable organization." --Tempo

"This is a deeply informed and lucidly written book. In its detailed information and balanced treatment, this book has no rivals." --Hi Fi News and Record Review

"Manning's carefully documented history and development of electronic and computer music provides an updated version of the 1985 edition. An extensive bibliography, discography, and index complete this informative account of the history and development of electronic and computer music." --International Journal of Music Education

"The greatest contribution of Manning's book to the knowledge of electronic music lies in the impressive mastery of technical detail he displays . This book provides invaluable background information and may function as a regularly consulted encyclopedia." --Technology and Culture

"Electronic and Computer Music is well-researched and clearly written . There isn't a better book out there in English that presents the history of this field as clearly or comprehensively." --Computer Music Journal

Table of Contents


    List of Illustrations
    About the Companion Website

    1 The Background, to 1945

    I. Developments from 1945 to 1960

    2 Paris and Musique Concrète
    3 Cologne and Electronische Musik
    4 Milan and Elsewhere in Europe
    5 America

    II. New Horizons in Electronic Design

    6 The Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer

    III. The Electronic Repertory from 1960

    7 Works for Tape
    8 Live Electronic Music
    9 Rock and Pop Electronic Music

    IV. The Digital Revolution to 1980

    10 The Foundations of Computer Music
    11 From Computer Technology to Musical Creativity
    12 The Microprocessor Revolution

    V. Digital Audio

    13 The Characteristics of Digital Audio

    VI. MIDI

    14 The Development of the MIDI Communications Protocol
    From Analog to Digital: The Evolution of MIDI Hardware
    16 From Microcomputer to Music Computer: The MIDI Perspective
    17 Further Advances in Hardware Design
    18 The Changing Fortunes of the MIDI Manufacturing Sector

    VII. Desktop Synthesis and Signal Processing

    19 From Minicomputer to Advanced Computer Workstation
    20 The Personal Computer
    21 The Digital Audio Workstation
    22 Laptop Music and Related Activities
    23 Synthesis, Signal Processing, and Spatialization
    24 Performance Controllers: Evolution and Change

    VIII. Global Networking

    25 The Internet

    26 Conclusion