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Principles, Methods, and Applications

Christopher M. A. Brett and Ana Maria Oliveira Brett

Publication Date - 22 July 1993

ISBN: 9780198553885

464 pages


This much-needed, comprehensive text offers an introduction to electrochemistry. The book begins at an elementary level and progresses through to the most recent advances in this interdisciplinary subject. The first part introduces the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, kinetics, and mass transport associated with electrode reactions. The second part considers experimental methods that are available to study electrode and electrochemical processes, such as steady-state with forced convection, linear sweep, step/pulse voltametric techniques and impedance, modern surface analysis, and microscopic and spectroscopic procedures that complement the electrochemical information. The final part of the book discusses wide-ranging applications, including sensors, industrial electrolysis and batteries, corrosion studies, and the rapidly expanding field of bioelectrochemistry. Easily accessible appendices provide the necessary mathematics, principles of electrical circuits, and basics of digital simulation. The breadth of coverage insures that this volume will be valuable not only to students in chemistry, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science, but to researchers needing proper introduction to electrochemistry.

Table of Contents

    Notation and Units
    1. Introduction
    PART I: Principles
    2. Electrochemical Cells: Thermodynamic Properties and Electrode Potentials
    3. The Interfacial Region
    4. Fundamentals of Kinetics and Mechanism of Electrode Reactions
    PART II: Methods
    7. Electrochemical Experiments
    8. Hydronamic Electrodes
    9. Cyclic Voltammetry and Linear Sweep Techniques
    10. Step and Pulse Techniques
    11. Impedance Methods
    12. Non-electrochemical Probes of Electrodes and Electrode Processes
    PART III: Applications
    13. Potentiometric Sensors
    14. Amperometric and Voltammetric Sensors
    15. Electrochemistry in Industry
    16. Corrosion
    17. Bioelectrochemistry

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