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Electrical Engineering

An Introduction

Second Edition

Steven E. Schwarz and William G. Oldham

Publication Date - February 1993

ISBN: 9780195105858

782 pages

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This comprehensive revision of a popular text helps non-electrical engineering majors--the future users, rather than the designers of electrical devices, systems, and machines--gain a conceptual understanding of electrical engineering. Early coverage of systems and an emphasis on an IC (integrated circuits) "building block" approach motivates non-majors. The text features integration of analog and digital technology with cutting-edge coverage of op-amps, feedback and analog systems. A section on SPICE, the leading computer-aided circuit analysis software, introduces students to computerized analysis of circuits. Chapter-end Applications capture student interest by relating material to contemporary topics such as automobile suspension systems, high-fidelity audio, and hand-held computers.

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February 1993

Table of Contents

    Introduction and Overview
    Part I: Introduction to Circuits
    1. Principles of Electric Circuits
    2. Introduction to dc Circuit Analysis
    3. Techniques of dc Analysis
    4. Active Circuit Elements
    Part II: Time-varying Signals in Circuit Analysis
    5. Inductance and Capacitance
    6. Sinusoidal Signals
    7. Phasor Analysis
    8. Transient Response of Passive Circuits
    Part III: Analog Signals and Techniques
    9. Principles of Analog Systems
    10. Practical Analog Technology
    Part IV: Digital Signals and Their Uses
    11. Digital Building Blocks
    12. Introduction to Digital Systems
    Part V: Active Devices and Circuits
    13. Semiconductor Devices
    14. Transistor Amplifiers
    15. Digital Circuits
    Part VI: Magnetic Devices, Electric Power, and Machines
    16. Electric Power
    17. Electromechanical Devices References
    Answers to Even-Numbered Problems

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