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The Interactive Sheep Neuroanatomy Tutorial

Penelope L. Kuhn

Publication Date - September 2015

ISBN: 9781605354743

1 pages
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eBrain+ is a unique, interactive software application for neuroanatomy students. It includes a virtual dissection of the sheep brain that can be used either stand-alone or in conjunction with a laboratory course. Labeled photographs, dissection videos, and audio pronunciations introduce the content, which focuses on structure-function relationships. Quizzes, an interactive glossary with photographs and hyperlinks, activities, and games engage students in learning neuroanatomy. A comprehensive laboratory manual and the complete glossary are included in a printable format.

The "plus" in eBrain refers to several new features, in addition to compatibility with mobile devices:

eBrain+ incorporates gamification strategies to enhance the learner's experience. eBrain+ has been redesigned to provide more engaging activities requiring user input. The active participation is followed up with constructive feedback on all quizzes and interactions.

Modules have the new Structure Synopsis feature that alphabetically lists neural structures, the functions mediated, and tips to help identify where the structure is located on the brain. Users simply select a structure of interest from that Module.

Anatomy Pin Quizzes feature embedded light boxes with descriptive feedback and close-up photos attached to each pin.

The new Concepts Quizzes let learners examine their global understanding of the brain’s structures and how they are integrated to mediate functions.

Word Quizzes have a more dynamic graphic interface and reward with correct answers.

eBrain+ is still in the same easy-to-use, relaxed format. All of the pronunciations, feedback, and additional information on the anatomy is available on demand, as is the enhanced NeuroGlossary, so users can easily access it when wanted.

eBrain+ is a Web-based program that runs in an Internet browser. It requires an active Internet connection as well as the following:

Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
Mac: Safari 7 and later or Google Chrome (latest version)
Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later or Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later


  • ACCESS CODE REQUIRED. Purchase at: http://register.dashboard.oup.com

Table of Contents


    Module 1: THE BASICS

    A. Nervous System Organization

    B. Anatomical Orientation

    C. Terminology

    Module 2: THE MENINGES

    Module 3: DORSAL VIEW

    Module 4: LATERAL VIEW

    Module 5: THE CEREBELLUM

    Module 6: CRANIAL NERVES

    Module 7: VENTRAL VIEW

    Module 8: SAGITTAL VIEW


    Module 10: CORONAL VIEW

    Module 11: SYSTEMS

    A. Basal Ganglia

    B. Circle of Willis

    C. Limbic System

    D. Reticular Formation

    E. Ventricular System

    Module 12: SPINAL CORD





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