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A Sketch and Textbook

Second Edition

Margaret Lazzari, Dona Schlesier, and Douglas Schlesier

Publication Date - July 2019

ISBN: 9780190870614

256 pages
Spiral Bound
8-1/2 x 11 inches

In Stock

Combines a sketchbook with text and examples for introductory drawing students


Drawing: A Sketch and Textbook combines essential content from a basic drawing textbook with the ample blank space of a sketchbook so that students can immediately practice what they learn. Divided into three parts--the basics, elements of drawings, and the creative process--this innovative textbook/sketchbook aims to teach students how to draw by actively engaging them in practical projects.

Visit the book's free, open-access student Companion Website to watch how-to videos that illustrate key techniques taught in the text.

New to this Edition

  • More drawing space gives students extra room to practice and create multiple versions of their work
  • Color sketch pages in the back of the book allow students to experiment with color grounds
  • Larger reproductions of key examples make them clearer and easier to use
  • Several areas of instruction have been expanded, including scaling up small sketches for large drawings (Chapter 2), new composition images (Chapter 8), and the self-portrait project (Chapter 9)


  • Combines basic instruction in drawing with a real sketchbook where students can complete their work
  • Practical sketching projects and research prompts actively engage students throughout the text
  • Includes both reproductions of other student and professional art works that can serve as inspiration/models

About the Author(s)

Margaret Lazzari is Professor of Art at the University of Southern California's Roski School of Fine Arts.

Dona Schlesier is Professor Emerita of Art at Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa.

Douglas Schlesier was Professor Emeritus of Art and former Director of the Quigley Gallery at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. This book is dedicated to his memory.


"The strength of Drawing: A Sketch and Textbook is the ability and encouragement to draw on and next to the examples. I adopted this text because I was interested in the innovative approach of combined text and drawing pages."--Bryan Park, Benedictine College

"I like the sketchbook format of Drawing: A Sketch and Textbook for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the student is able to keep everything in one place. I also appreciate the short self-critique section at the end of the book."--G. David Brown, Winthrop University

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Media and Materials
    Your Art Box
    Paper Qualities
    Drawing Tip
    Chapter 2: Drawing from Observation
    Thumbnail Sketches
    Measuring with a Pencil
    Light upon Objects
    Chapter 3: Lines
    Making Lines
    Basic Attributes of Lines
    Lines That Describe Form
    Expressive Qualities of Line
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 4: Values
    Creating Values
    Grouping Values
    Describing Form with Values
    Expression through Values
    Critical Analysis: Value
    Chapter 5: Shape and Volume
    Reviewing Lines That Create Shapes and Volumes
    Using Values to Create Shapes
    Using Values to Depict Volume
    Drawing Complex Forms
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 6: Space
    Actual and Illusionistic Space in Drawing
    Figure-Ground Relationships
    Overlapping, Comparison of Size, and Placement to Show Space
    Showing Space with Linear Perspective
    Circles and Cylinders in Perspective
    Atmospheric Perspective
    Expressive Use of Space
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 7: Texture
    Textures Inherent in Media
    Textures That Imitate Actual Objects and Surfaces
    Textures Used For Expressive Purposes
    Abstracted, Exaggerated, and Invented Textures
    Texture to Pattern
    Creating Space With Texture and Pattern
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 8: All Things Considered: Composition
    Using the Principles of Composition in Your Drawing
    Scale and Proportion
    Emphasis, Variety, and Unity
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 9: Developing Personal Expression
    Developing Your Personal Expression
    The Habit of Sketching
    Three Projects to Develop Personal Vision
    Critical Analysis
    Chapter 10: Critique
    Gaining Inspiration
    Using Your Sketchbook to Retain the Original Spark
    Seeing With a Fresh Eye
    Receiving Feedback
    Critique Guides

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