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Diversity in Family Constellations

Implications for Practice

Edited by Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley

Publication Date - July 2012

ISBN: 9780190616151

312 pages
6 x 8.9 inches


The idea of family is not easily defined and is in a constant state of change. In order to create a more manageable environment for human service practitioners, Diversity in Family Constellations presents family groups and arrangements as multidimensional, nonstatic, living entities that are in a constant process of being and becoming.

This book introduces a series of guidelines, conventional and unconventional, that human service practitioners can use to explore the complexities of family dynamics regarding assessment and intervention. The authors provide readers with opportunities to apply these guidelines within the context of diverse family constellations, including the nuclear family, the single-parent family, the multigenerational family, foster or institutional families, lesbian and gay families, and blended families.


  • Case studies for practice with diverse families
  • Data tables that compare and contrast concepts
  • Illustrated figures presenting alternative ideologies and methods of practice
  • Self-evaluation exercises for assessing strengths, values, beliefs, attitudes, and biases
  • Professional exercises for the development of skills and strategies in family practice
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter

About the Author(s)

Krishna L. Guadalupe (MSW, Rutgers University; PhD, University of South Carolina; certificates/licenses in diverse traditional and nontraditional wellness modalities) is a professor of social work at California State University, Sacramento. He has more than twenty years of direct experience in the field of human services and continues to practice independently, integrating a variety of wellness approaches with individuals, groups, and families. Guadalupe travels nationally and internationally conducting seminars and workshops in the area of human diversity and wellness, family practice, conflict management, group dynamics, and grief and loss. He also works as a consultant, conducting program assessment and writing grants for diverse human services organizations

Debra L. Welkley (MA, Baylor University) has taught for twenty years in community colleges and four-year colleges and universities and currently is a lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, in the Department of Sociology. She also teaches courses at Cosumnes River College and American River College. She has more than twenty years of experience working with children and families through direct service and practice, as well as experience as a program and agency director.

Table of Contents

    List of Figures and Tables
    Part I The Family Within the Context of Multidimensionality and Contextualization
    Chapter 1 Creation of a Baseline, Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley
    Chapter 2 Shifts in Family Paradigms, Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley
    Chapter 3 The Family in Constant Transition and Transaction, Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley
    Chapter 4 An Eclectic Approach: The Power of Inclusiveness, Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley
    Part II A Closer Look at Diverse Family Constellations
    Chapter 5 Language, Law, and the Supremacy of the Opposite-Sex Family Ideal, Myles Montgomery
    Chapter 6 The Multigenerational Family Constellation, Dale Russell and Debra L. Welkley
    Chapter 7 Single-Parent Family Constellations, J. Ann Moylan
    Chapter 8 Lesbian and Gay Families (Gamilies), Jan Osborne
    Chapter 9 Residential and Foster Care Family Constellations, Debra L. Welkley
    Chapter 10 Blended Family and Multipartner Family Constellations, Errol Bolden and Shirley Newton-Guest
    Part III Final Reflections
    Chapter 11 The Family: Considering Further Possibilities, Krishna L. Guadalupe and Debra L. Welkley

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