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Discovering Grammar

An Introduction to English Sentence Structure

Anne Lobeck

Publication Date - February 2000

ISBN: 9780195129847

384 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $189.99


Discovering Grammar: An Introduction to English Sentence Structure encourages students to explore grammar through a unique "discovery" approach that encompasses both critical thinking and text analysis. Ideal for courses in the structure of English, this book is also useful for courses in English education/language arts, English as a second language, and linguistics. Part One offers an overview of different definitions of and approaches to grammar and outlines the approach to descriptive grammar taken in the text. This section also includes an introduction to phrase structure and evidence for syntactic structure based on movement, pronominalization, and coordination. Part Two introduces each syntactic category (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and preposition) through morphological and syntactic evidence and highlights the basic division between lexical and grammatical categories. Part Three focuses on the structure of sentences, discussing subordination, complementation, adjunction, and more.
In contrast with most traditional grammar books--whose exercises focus on drills and memorization--Discovering Grammar features practical and engaging exercises. Discovery Problems encourage students to "discover" sentence structure by analyzing patterns of data. Students can then apply their skills to Text Analysis exercises in which they examine a wide variety of different texts including excerpts from poetry, novels, television, movies, and other media. Language Diversity Exercises introduce students to other varieties of English, both earlier versions (Old and Middle English) and current "world" Englishes used both inside and outside the U.S. Each chapter concludes with a chapter review and a comprehensive exercise that can be used as a chapter test. The volume is further enhanced by a concise glossary and a guide for doing Language Diversity Exercises.

Table of Contents

    Each chapter opens with an Introduction and closes with a Summary, Discovery Problems, Text Analysis, Language Diversity Exercises, Chapter Review Terms, and Chapter Review Exercises
    1. Grammar and Our Knowledge of Language
    The Components of Grammar
    Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammar
    Standard English
    The Approach to Grammar in This Book
    2. Some Syntactic Fundamentals: Categories and Phrases
    Syntactic Categories
    Grammatical and Lexical Categories
    Phrase Structure
    3. Evidence for Phrases: Movement, Pronominalization, and Coordination
    4. Nouns
    Semantic Classes of Nouns
    The Morphology of Nouns
    The Syntax of the Noun Phrase
    Categories that Introduce Nouns: Determiners, Numerals and Quantifiers
    5. The Forms and Meanings of Verbs
    The Semantics of Verbs
    The Morphology of Verbs
    Semantic Tense and Aspect
    Future Tense and Modals
    Grammatical Verbs: Auxiliaries and Modals
    6. The Syntax of the Verb Phrase
    A Phrase Structure Rule for Verb Phrase
    Negation and Do-Insertion
    Not Contraction
    Subject-Auxiliary Inversion and Tag
    The Grammatical Category Auxiliary
    7. Adjectives and Adjective Phrases
    The Semantics of Adjectives
    The Morphology of Adjectives
    Categories That Introduce Adjectives: Degree Words
    The Syntax of the Adjective Phrase
    Adjective Phrase Positions
    8. Adverbs and Adverb Phrases
    Semantic Classes of Adverbs
    The Morphology of Adverbs
    Categories That Introduce Adverbs: Degree Words
    Adverb Phrase Positions
    9. Prepositions
    The Semantics of Prepositions
    The Morphology of Prepositions
    Categories That Introduce Prepositions
    Prepositions: A Grammatical or Lexical Category?
    The Phrase Structure of Prespositional Phrases
    Intransitive Prepositions: Particles
    More Prepositional Phrases
    10. The Sentence: Clause Structure, Subordination, and Coordination
    The Structure of the Clause: NP and VP
    Independent and Subordinate Clauses
    Types of Subordinate Clauses
    11. Complements
    Complements of Verbs
    Complements of Other Lexical Categories
    12. Adjuncts in the Verb Phrase
    Prepositional Phrase Adjuncts
    Adverb Phrase and Adverbial Noun Phrase Adjuncts
    Participial Phrase Adjuncts
    Adjective Phrase Adjuncts
    Clausal Adjuncts
    13. Adjuncts in the Noun Phrase
    Appositive Noun Phrases
    Restrictive Relative Clauses
    Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses
    Free Relative Clauses