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Deviance and Deviants

An Anthology

Edited by Richard Tewksbury and Patricia Gagne
Foreword by Martin D. Schwartz

Publication Date - November 1999

ISBN: 9780195329902

352 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

A unique collection of highly readable articles that offers a fresh, alternative approach to deviance.


This unique collection of highly readable articles offers a fresh, alternative approach to teaching deviance. Articles were chosen that will pique student interest and stimulate lively class discussion by challenging preconceived notions of deviance and people labeled as "deviant."

Benefits of Deviance and Deviants: An Anthology to students and instructors are as follows:

* This is not a "typical" deviance anthology. It does not include the classic selections usually found in most readers. Rather, it features less widely known empirical pieces selected on the basis of their compelling descriptions of deviant behavior--both from top journals and from sources outside the mainstream.
* The book is organized around themes of behavior rather than theoretical perspectives or concepts. The articles examine drugs, sex, medicine, relationships, sports, work, and deviant subcultures--providing students with a basis for grasping central sociological ideas.
* Coverage includes such topics as rape, transgender behavior, and child abuse--as well as a variety of types of deviance that touch closer to home for many students: sports deviance, student drinking, mistreatment of the elderly, stuttering, cheating among college students, and faculty malfeasance.
* Brief, thought-provoking introductions are provided for each article, framing the piece in a larger context in terms of conceptual and theoretical issues. These introductions also explain central issues, key concepts, and relationships among topics covered.

Table of Contents

    Each Section begins with an Introduction.
    Section I: Substance Use and Abuse
    1. The Intangible Rewards From Crime: The Case of Domestic Marijuana Cultivation, Ralph Weisheit
    2. The Experiences of Women Who Sell Crack: Some Descriptive Data from the Detroit Crack Ethnography Project, Tom Mieczkowski
    3. The Motives and Mechanics of Operating an Illegal Drug Enterprise, Lise-Marie VanNostrand and Richard Tewksbury
    4. Who's Driving? College Students' Choices of Transportation Home After Drinking, Laura K. McCormick and John Ureda
    Section II: Sexual Deviations
    5. Cruising for Sex in Public Places: The Structure and Language of Men's Hidden, Erotic Worlds, Richard Tewksbury
    6. Dial-a-Porn Recordings: The Role of the Female Participant in Male Sexual Fantasies, Jack Glascock and Robert LaRose
    7. Dominance and Inequality in X-Rated Videocassettes, Gloria Cowan, Carole Lee, Daniella Levy, and Debra Snyder
    8. Rape Myths and Violence Against Street Prostitutes, Jody Miller and Martin D. Schwartz
    9. Boy-Lovers and Their Influence on Boys: Distorted Research and Anecdotal Observations, Edward Brongersma
    Section III: Medicalized Forms of Deviance
    10. Making Myself Understood: The Labeling Theory of Deviance Applied to Stuttering, Elizabeth Hottle
    11. Food is My Best Friend: Self-Justifications and Weight-Loss Efforts, Cliff English
    12. The Medical Construction of Gender: Case Management of Intersexed Infants, Suzanne Kessler
    13. The Stigma of Involuntary Childlessness, Charlene E. Miall
    14. Genetic Essentialism and Social Deviance, Susan Kelly
    Section IV: Intimate Forms of Violence
    15. How Women Define Their Experiences of Violence, Liz Kelly
    16. Rural Woman Abuse: The Voices of Kentucky Women, Neil Websdale
    17. Defining Elder Mistreatment in Four Ethnic Groups Across Two Generations, Georgia J. Anetzberger, Jill E. Korbin, and Susan K. Tomita
    18. Definition of Roles in Abusive Lesbian Relationships, Becky Marrujo and Mary Kreger
    19. Avengers, Conquerors, Playmates, and Lovers: Roles Played by Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrators, Jane Gilgun
    20. Motives of Men Who Rape, Robert Hale
    Section V: Deviant Sports
    21. Gender, Sport, and the Construction of Community: A Case Study from Women's Hockey, Nancy Theberge
    22. Misogyny On and Off the 'Pitch': The Gendered World of Male Rugby Players, Steven P. Schacht
    23. Knives and Gaffs: Definitions in the Deviant World of Cockfighting, Steven K. Worden and Donna K. Darden
    24. Male Student-Athletes and Violence against Women: A Survey of Campus Judicial Affairs Offices, Todd W. Crosset, James Ptacek, Mark A. McDonald, and Jeffrey R. Benedict
    Section VI: Deviant Occupations/Deviance in Occupations
    25. The Anatomy of a Deception: Fraud and Finesse in the Mock Auction Sales 'Con,' Collin Clark and Trevor Pinch
    26. Male Street Hustling: Introduction Processes and Stigma Containment, Thomas C. Calhoun
    27. Neutralization and Deviance in the Workplace: Theft of Supplies and Medicines by Hospital Nurses, Dean Dabney
    28. The Influence of Situational Ethics on Cheating Among College Students, Donald L. McCabe
    29. Faculty Malfeasance: Understanding Academic Deviance, John W. Heeren and David Shichor
    Section VII: Deviant Subcultures
    30. Women in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Columbus Hopper and Johnny Moore
    31. Beyond White Pride: Identity, Meaning, and Contradiction in the Canadian Skinhead Subculture, Kevin Young and Laura Craig
    32. Queer Punk Fanzines: Identity, Community, and the Articulation of Homosexuality and Hardcore, Mark Fenster
    33. The Magazine of a Sadomasochism Club: The Tie That Binds, Rick Houlberg
    34. Just Every Mother's 'Angel': An Analysis of Gender and Ethnic Variations in Youth Gang Membership, Karen A. Joe and Meda Chesney-Lind