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Decision Making in Business

Third Edition

Jack Maroun

Publication Date - January 1991

ISBN: 9780195329643

170 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

Retail Price to Students: $109.99

A versatile casebook for business and management courses, this text in applied problem solving features 34 realistic, functional business situations portrayed by 16 business professionals.


Decision Making in Business is a versatile casebook for business and management courses. It features 34 realistic, functional business situations portrayed by 16 business professionals.

The cases are short and varied, allowing instructors maximum flexibility. Each case is set up independently, so that the cases may be completed in any sequence. Students are exposed to a much broader spectrum of topics than is available in the cases that accompany most introductory business texts.

The Third Edition has been completely revised and updated. Objective questions now follow each case, which facilitates instructor evaluation of student comprehension. There are also additional applications-oriented discussion questions.

In addition to gaining early exposure to case analysis, students actually enjoy doing the problem solving necessary for each business situation. The book eases the job of teaching by stimulating classroom interaction and promoting active learning. Students learn to think about actual, real-world situations and how to make business decisions for themselves.

Decision Making in Business stands alone or can be used to supplement another text. A comparative matrix enables instructors to integrate the case book into the course with a minimal amount of effort. It correlates the cases with appropriate chapters in the most commonly used introductory business texts.

Instructors will find comprehensive pedagogical support in the accompanying Instructor's Manual/Testing Program which features:
* Case objectives
* Key terms
* Additional points for consideration
* Major and minor case issues
* Test bank of additional objective questions
* Answer thrusts to discussion questions
* Answer keys for the objective questions

Previous Publication Date(s)

January 1991
June 1986

Table of Contents

    1. Management Decision Making
    Nuclear Systems, Inc.
    2. Sales Ethics
    Tim King
    3. The Social Responsibility of Business
    Jackson and Jackson
    4. Women in Management
    Janet Winona
    5. Sexual Harassment
    Jenco Corporation
    6. Stress Management
    White Tool Company
    7. Labor Relations
    Build-Rite Construction Company
    8. Organizational Structure
    Home Products International
    9. Organizations and Individuals
    Lochrie's Clothing Store
    10. Personnel Management
    Ferro & Associates
    11. Personnel Selection
    Seminars, Inc.
    12. Motivation of Personnel
    Fastway Travel Agency
    13. Accounting
    Fins and Feathers
    14. Venture Capital
    Oil Recovery, Inc.
    15. Corporate Finance
    A.V.I. Developers
    16. Computers
    Doran/Jenson Industries, Inc.
    17. Data Communications
    Megalith Corporation
    18. Forms of Ownership
    Del Williams
    19. Changing Forms of Ownership
    20. Opening A Franchise
    The Snack Shoppe
    21. Growth Within the Private Enterprise System
    Barnes Moving and Storage Company
    22. Marketing: Products
    Camelot Press
    23. Marketing: Location and Pricing
    Haircuts, Inc.
    24. Marketing: Choosing an Advertising Agency
    Lyton & Mobray
    25. Marketing: Product Distribution
    Marzolli Wholesalers
    26. Marketing: Market Research
    First National S&L
    27. Business Law
    Sylvia De Leon
    28. Production Management
    Tangran Shoo Company
    29. Production Control
    Highway Tire Company
    30.Operations Management
    Unitas Valve, Inc.
    31. Risk Management and Insurance
    Barker Tool Company
    32. International Business
    Sunshine Sportswear
    33. International Competition
    M & E Kitchenware/Americana, Inc.
    34. Personal Career Decision
    Stephen Hall

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