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Data Structures

Form and Function

Harry F. Smith, Jr.

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780155168206

808 pages


This text is intended for the one-term course in data structures with the following prerequisites: mastery of a high-level programming language, preferably Pascal, and finite or discrete mathematics. Each basic concept is introduced first through numerous examples and followed by advanced material allowing maximum flexibility in structuring the course. Through the use of data structures, the author has included coverage of the following related topics: recursion, pattern recognition, and dynamic programming. Extensive examples, over 300 exercises, 400 figures and tables, and 80 working algorithms contribute to student learning.

Table of Contents

    I. Form
    1. Preliminaries
    2. Arrays and Sets
    3. Records
    4. Lists
    5. Queues and Stacks
    6. Trees
    7. Graphs
    8. Strings
    9. The Meaning of Structure
    II. Function
    10. Searching
    11. Managing Primary Memory
    12. Issues with Secondary Memory
    13. Sorting

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