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Cupid and Psyche

An adaptation of the story in The Golden Ass of Apuelius

M. G. Balme and J. H. W. Morwood

Publication Date - 09 September 1976

ISBN: 9780199120475

80 pages

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"Very useful and engaging as an introduction to Latin literature."--E.M. Bradley, Dartmouth College

"Perfect for grammatical review...Extremely attractive presentation."--Jackson Bryce, Carleton College

"[My students] are excited about using Cupid and Psyche as a supplementary reader next semester."--Deborah MacInnes, Duke University

"An excellent introduction to 'real' Latin; it maintains interest while providing solid and reliable grammatical and syntactical information."--Allan Kershaw, Pennsylvania State University

Table of Contents

    List of illustrations
    1. Venus is angry
    2. Psyche's Funeral Marriage
    3. Psyche's Paradise
    4. Psyche gets her way
    5. The sisters vent their spleen
    6. The sisters prepare for battle
    7. Psyche panics
    8. Murder miscarries
    9. Exeunt the sisters; re-enter Venus
    10. Venus takes revenge
    11. Psyche's ordeals
    12. Happy ever after
    Practise sentences and exercises in translation