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Criminal Justice

The System in Perspective

Ronald G. Burns

Publication Date - 16 August 2021

ISBN: 9780190296445

608 pages
8 1/2 x 11 inches

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For flexible, topical, comprehensive coverage connected to the real world, Burns' Criminal Justice: The System in Perspective uses text, audio, and video to explain the steps of the criminal case process in the CJ system.


Criminal Justice: The System in Perspective provides a refreshing look at the criminal justice system, highlighting the complexities and interconnectedness of crime and justice. Criminal Justice focuses on recent research, real-world events, and the criminal case process. The text uses the term "criminal justice system" to refer to the collective body of criminal justice systems within the United States. The focus in this book is on general practices within these systems, with some attention paid to variations in practices among jurisdictions. Upon reading this book you will have a firm understanding of how the system works, the many different groups who comprise our justice systems, and various important issues surrounding crime and justice.


  • Contents are provided in modules that allow for flexible teaching options.
  • The Criminal Case Process is integrated throughout the text, consistently providing context for students, connecting topics to specific elements in the criminal justice system.
  • Career features help students apply content to future careers.
  • Mythbusting features dispel popular myths with real world applications.

About the Author(s)

Ronald G. Burns is Full Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University, where he has served in an administrative role within his department for 13 years. He earned his degrees from the University of South Carolina and Florida State University, and has published over 70 scholarly articles. Dr. Burns has also authored, coauthored, or edited nine books, including Criminal Justice: The System in Perspective and Multiculturalism, Crime, and Criminal Justice 2e. His teaching and research interests primarily pertain to law enforcement, white-collar crime, and criminal case processing.

Table of Contents

    UNIT 1: Crime and Justice
    Module 1: Welcome to Criminal Justice
    Module 2: Crime in Context
    Module 3: Types and Categorizations of Crime
    Module 4: Measurement and Extent of Crime
    Module 5: Theories of Crime
    Module 6: Victims of Crime
    Module 7: Understanding Justice
    Module 8: Understading Criminal Law
    Module 9: Overview of Criminal Case Processing

    UNIT 2: Law Enforcement
    Module 10: History of Law Enforcement
    Module 11: Current Organization of Law Enforcement
    Module 12: Law Enforcement Culture, Recruitment, and Training
    Module 13: Personal Toll of Police Work
    Module 14: Primary Police Practices
    Module 15: Police Use of Force
    Module 16: Police Misconduct
    Module 17: Police and Constitutional Law
    Module 18: Police Investigations and Arrests
    Module 19: Future of Policing

    UNIT 3: Courts
    Module 20: History of Courts
    Module 21: Current Organization of Courts
    Module 22: Courtroom Personnel
    Module 23: Courtroom Practices and Pretrial Procedures
    Module 24: Trials
    Module 25: Sentencing and Appeals
    Module 26: Juvenile Courts
    Module 27: Future of Courts

    UNIT 4: Corrections
    Module 28: History of Corrections
    Module 29: Current Organization of Corrections
    Module 30: Corrections Personnel
    Module 31: Community Corrections
    Module 32: Institutional Corrections
    Module 33: Diversity, Female Inmates, and Special Category Prisoners
    Module 34: Juvenile Corrections
    Module 35: Future of Corrections

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