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Crimes of Privilege

Readings in White-Collar Crime

Edited by Neal Shover and John Paul Wright

Publication Date - 12 October 2000

ISBN: 9780195136210

448 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Crimes of Privilege: Readings in White-Collar Crime examines the current state of knowledge about and debate over white-collar crime. One of the most challenging and controversial topics in sociology, white-collar crime differs fundamentally from street crime because those who commit it typically lead lives of privilege. Written by top scholars in the field, the thirty-one selections in this book include both previously published works as well as original papers. All have been significantly edited for readability and suitability for students. Organized by rational-choice theory, the readings examine the nature and sources of white-collar crime opportunities, the characteristics of white-collar offenders, white-collar criminal decision-making processes, and diverse approaches to controlling white-collar crime. Crimes of Privilege: Readings in White-Collar Crime also includes twenty-one panels chosen or prepared specifically to illustrate issues discussed in the readings. Taken primarily from local and regional newspapers or from exemplary studies of white-collar crime, some panels summarize key research on the topic while others show that a great deal of white-collar crime occurs close to home; white-collar crime is not a problem confined to Washington, D.C., to Wall Street, or to the world's largest corporations. Crimes of Privilege: Readings in White-Collar Crime provides students with a critical overview of issues and problems in white-collar crime. It is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on deviance, social problems, and white-collar crime.

Table of Contents

    1. Conceptual Issues and Skirmishes
    White-Collar Criminality, Edwin H. Sutherland
    Is "White-Collar Crime" Crime?, Edwin H. Sutherland
    Collaring the Crime, Not the Criminal: Reconsidering the Concept of White-Collar Crime, Susan P. Shapiro
    Organizational Crime, Alber J. Reiss, Jr. and Michael Tonry
    Crime and Capitalist Business Corporations, Frank Pearce
    2. Victims and Costs
    The Neglected Victims and Unexamined Costs of White-Collar Crime, Elizabeth Moore and Michael Mills
    Personal Fraud and Its Victims, Richard M. Titus
    White-Collar Crime Victimization, Michael Levi
    Consequences of Victimization by White-Collar Crime, Neal Shover, Greer Fox, and Michael Mills
    Victims of Fraud: Comparing Victims of White-Collar and Violent Crime, Linda Ganzini, Benston McFarland, and Joseph Bloom
    3. White-Collar Criminal Opportunities
    "Heads I WIn, Tails You Lose": Deregulation, Crime, and Crisis in the Savings and Loan Industry, Kitty Calavita and Henry N. Pontell
    From Fiddle Factors to Networks of Collusion: Charting the Waters of Small Business Crime, Hugh D. Barlow
    Transaction Systems and Unlawful Organizational Behavior, Diane Vaughan
    Opportunity and Crime in the Medical Profession, John Liederbach
    Fire in Hamlet: A Case Study of a State-Corporate Crime, Judy Root Aulette and Raymond Michalowski
    4. Decision Making
    Poverty of Theory in Corporate Crime Research, Donald R. Cressey
    A Rational Choice Theory of Corporate Crime, Raymond Paternoster and Sally Simpson
    Organizational Culture and Organizational Crime, Andrew L. Hochstetler and Heith Copes
    Profits, Pressure, and Corporate Law-Breaking, Anne Jenkins and John Braithwaite
    Rational Choice, Situated Action, and the Social Control of Organizations, Diane Vaughan
    5. Sources and Characteristics of White-Collar Offenders
    Who Is the White-Collar Criminal?, Hazel Croall
    Gender and Varieties of White-Collar Crime, Kathleen Daly
    Corporate Control, Crime, and Compensation: An Examination of Large Corporations, D. Bilimoria
    Toward Understanding Unlawful Organizational Behavior, Diane Vaughan
    Characteristics and Sources of White-Collar Crime, Nicole Leeper Piquero and Alex Piquero
    Competition and Motivation to White-Collar Crime, James W. Coleman
    6. Controlling White-Collar Crime?
    On Theory and Action for Corporate Crime Control, John Braithwaite and Gilbert Geis
    Prosecuting Corporate Crime: Problems and Constraints, Michael L. Benson
    Corporate Crime and Criminal Justice System Capacity: Government Response to Financial Institution Fraud
    An Evolving Compliance Model for Tax Enforcement, Valerie Braithwaite and John Braithwaite
    Cooperative Models and Corporate Crime: Panacea or Cop-Out?, Laureen Snider

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