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Crime and Punishment

Inside Views

Edited by Robert Johnson and Hans Toch

Publication Date - June 1999

ISBN: 9780195329858

246 pages
6 x 9 inches

A unique, insider's perspective on crime, prisoners, and punishment


Robert Johnson and Hans Toch's Crime and Punishment: Inside Views is an edited volume of original essays written by offenders "in their own words." The book provides a unique, inside view of crime, prisoners, and the experience of punishment.

These essays represent the worldviews of 52 offenders, introducing the reader to the forces that shaped their lives and compelled them to commit crimes, their struggles with their own feelings, and their experiences--often rocky--with prison life and the criminal justice system.

Crime and Punishment: Inside Views is useful as a supplement for courses in criminal justice, corrections, and criminology. It illuminates a wide array of individuals, settings, and issues, offering a stimulating introduction to the study of crime and punishment. These writings will sharpen student's critical thinking skills as they compare and judge these offenders' own words against the context of their textbooks. Editors Johnson and Toch's insightful introductions and commentaries at the beginning of each section and each essay serve as a useful "road map," framing the various writings and putting them into perspective.

Table of Contents

    Section I: Doing Crime
    1. Astro Creep, Kent Williams
    2. The St. Francis Hotel, Darell Jordan
    3. Wasted Days, Wasted Nights, Michael Gabrish
    4. Perfectly Impaired, Rita Biggs
    5. Robbery, Travis Lewis
    6. Interstate Flight, Lance E. Fleming
    7. Better You Than Me, Michael Aquilar
    8. We Are All Human Beings, Michael B. Majors
    9. Reflections from Death Row, Michael B. Ross
    10. Socio-Economic Suppression and Crime, Marcus Johnson
    Section II: Rehabilitation
    11. My Rehabilitation, Josh Wesley Elam
    12. A True Story, Kenny Rogers
    13. Freedom Within, Jennifer Howard
    14. After the War, James G. Fuller
    15. Prison, Crime, and Addiction, Gary James Boyle
    16. Facing Your Problem, Brandon Buckles
    17. No One Ever Asked Me, Why?, Gerald V. Murphy
    18. A View From Within, Rudolph Churchill
    Section III: Finding Faith
    19. Prayer, Selvyn Tillett
    20. Paradox Shrugged, Terry Patterson
    21. A Life Restored, Brad Barnes
    22. Reflections from the Cell, Timothy J. Lippa
    23. Blessed in Prison, Tiberius Mays
    24. Mending a Broken Heart, Blanca Chavez
    Section IV: Being Imprisoned
    25. Freedom: A Magnificent Possession, Janelle Cole
    26. Life in a Microwave, Dianne Hamill Metzger
    27. Meaning of Life in Prison, Ernest Patrick
    28. Big Trouble in Li'l Chilli, Kim Redifer
    29. A Single Unheard Voice, Donald D. Hairgrove
    Section V: Living in Prison
    30. Behind the Wall, Mike York
    31. Control, James W. Harkleroad
    32. Prison Is a Place, James W. Harkleroad
    33. A Career Statement, Joseph A. Johnson
    34. Michael, Christina Nankervis
    35. Foreigner, Selvyn Tillett
    36. Beethoven, Marshall Earl Fitzgerre
    37. A Weekend With the Inmate Plumber, Raymond E. Williams
    38. A Deadly Game, Antonio A. Gilbreath and Joshua D. M. Rogers, IV
    39. The Sixth Commandment, Michael Wayne Hunter
    40. The Long-Awaited Day of Freedom, Eliseo E. Padron
    Section VI: Justice and Injustice
    41. Number Twenty-Seven, Christopher L. McIntire
    42. The L.A. County Jail, Noah Lhotsky
    43. California Cesspool, Noah Lhotsky
    44. The Manipulation Game, Diane Hamill Metzger
    45. Prisoners, Poverty, and the Politics of Slavery, Ronald A. Young
    46. In Search of Win, Hal Elkins
    47. There Is No Justice in Florida, Mr. Brown
    48. I'm Not Guilty, But Kill Me Anyway, Michael Ross
    49. Adjudicated Probation, Gary Jay Walker
    50. Unmasking the Face of Death, Michael Ross

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