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CrimComics Issue 4

Social Disorganization Theory

Krista S. Gehring and Michael R. Batista

Publication Date - November 2017

ISBN: 9780190207175

32 pages
7 x 10 inches

In Stock

Retail Price to Students: $5.95

CrimComics helps today's students understand challenging criminological theories with comics that are fun, engaging, and pedagogically sound


CrimComics offers a new way to approach criminological theory by engaging students with impactful, highly visual illustrated texts. Each CrimComics Issue traces the development of the theory--placing it in social and political context--and demonstrates its application to the real world. The last page of each Issue features review questions and key terms.

Issue 4, Social Disorganization Theory, introduces students to sociological, community-based theories that analyze key aspects of neighborhood collectives like social disorganization, collective efficacy, and street culture in an effort to understand crime. Other issues include Issue 1: Origins of Criminology, Issue 2: Biology and Criminality, and Issue 3: Classical and Neoclassical Criminology.

About the Author(s)

Krista S. Gehring is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Michael R. Batista is a professional freelance illustrator.


"This is a very innovative way to approach theory. It has long been recognized that theory is difficult to teach and even harder for students to grasp, and I am thrilled to see that writers and publishers are starting to think of new ways to handle the subject."--Allison Timbs, Campbellsville University

"CrimComics is a very cool, visually striking comic book that effectively introduces criminological theory to undergraduates. It is really clever in its pedagogical approach, balancing concise and accurate exposition with interesting historical vignettes."--Paul Kaplan, San Diego State University

"I think students will be thrilled to have CrimComics, something fresh and original that has been adapted to their generation of learners."--Anna Devita, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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