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CrimComics Issue 10

Developmental and Life-Course Theories

Krista S. Gehring and Illustrated by Michael Batista

Publication Date - 23 July 2021

ISBN: 9780197545805

32 pages
6 7/8 x 10 1/2 inches

In Stock

CrimComics helps today's students understand challenging criminological theories with comics that are fun, engaging, and pedagogically sound


CrimComics offers a new way to approach criminological theory by engaging students with impactful, highly visual illustrated texts. Each CrimComics Issue traces the development of the theory--placing it in social and political context--and demonstrates its application to the real world. The last page of each Issue features review questions and key terms. This issue introduces students to developmental and life-course criminological theories, focusing on the works of Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi, Robert Sampson and John Laub, and Terrie Moffitt. These theories focus on continuity and/or change in delinquent and criminal behavior by examining the onset, persistence, and desistence of offending.


  • The visual nature of the project, along with its focus on real-world relevance, should be appealing to students while still conveying the key concepts that instructors need to impart.
  • The last page will feature review questions and key terms but drawn to resemble the advertisements often found in the backs of comics.
  • Addressing the core challenges of getting students to read the text, CrimComics is highly engaging and informative, with 10 Issues in total covering the broad range of Criminological Theories.
  • The selling price models are compelling: The first Issue, when bundled with an OUP text, is free! The second issue, when part of the bundle, is only $5.

About the Author(s)

Krista S. Gehring is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Michael R. Batista is a professional freelance illustrator.


"I am in love with your CrimComics. The idea and execution are simply amazing. Internalizing theories and their structure is difficult, and remembering them over time is even more so. These graphic novels make it so much more relaxing to remind myself of theoretical concepts I may not have grasped fully while trudging through Vold's Theoretical Criminology. Thank you for CrimComics, they are amazing. I plan to use them for a long time."--Mark A. Speers, Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University

"I think students will be thrilled to have CrimComics, something fresh and original that has been adapted to their generation of learners."--Anna Devita, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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