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Cosmos Crumbling

American Reform and the Religious Imagination

Robert H. Abzug

Publication Date - September 1994

ISBN: 9780195045680

304 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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In the forty years before the Civil War, America was awash in political and social reform movements. Abolitionists stormed against the cruelties of slavery. Temperance zealots hounded producers and consumers of strong drink. Sabbatarians fought to make Sunday an officially recognized sacred day. Woman's rights activists proclaimed the case for sexual equality. This colorful text brilliantly reassesses the religious roots of these antebellum reform movements through a series of penetrating profiles of key men and women who sought to remake their worlds in sacred terms. Arguing that we cannot understand American reform movements unless we understand the sacred significance reformers bestowed on the worldly arenas of politics, society, and the economy, Abzug presents these men and women in their own words, placing their cherished ideals and their often heated squabbles within the context of their millennial and sometimes apocalyptic sense of America's role in the cosmic drama. Tracing the lasting impact of what began as a peculiarly Protestant, largely New England, style of social action on the uniquely American traditions of activism that flourish today, Cosmos Crumbling is invaluable for helping students of American and religious history understand the myriad ways in which the quest for enlightenment and salvation continues to shape American politics.

Table of Contents

    PROLOGUE: Ultraists, Seekers, and the Soldiery of Dissent
    Part I: Foundations of the Reform Cosmology
    1:. Benjamin Rush and Revolutionary Christian Reform
    2:. Lyman Beecher and the Cosmic Theater
    3:. War in the West: The Radical Revival
    Part II: Evangelical Reform
    4:. The Temperance Reformation
    5:. Sabbatarianism and Manual Labor
    Part III: Radical Transformation
    6. William Lloyd Garrison and the Birth of Abolitionism
    7. The Body Reforms
    8. The Woman Question
    9. Woman's Rights and Schism

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