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Correctional Perspectives

Views from Academics, Practitioners, and Prisoners

Edited by Leanne Fiftal Alarid and Paul F. Cromwell

Publication Date - 22 October 2001

ISBN: 9780195330076

330 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

This anthology features twelve contemporary topical areas in corrections--chosen for the unique challenges which each presents to researchers, correctional practitioners, and prisoners.


This anthology features twelve contemporary topical areas in corrections--chosen for the unique challenges which each presents to researchers, correctional practitioners, and prisoners.

Each topic is systematically examined from three different perspectives--academic, practitioner, and prisoner--for a total of thirty-six readings. Students compare each perspective and determine how they diverge or how they are similar.

The twelve topic areas are:
* Institutional Crowding
* Growth of Women Prisoners in Corrections
* Elements of Correctional Rehabilitation and Treatment
* HIV/AIDS in Corrections
* Prison Gangs
* Prison Violence
* Security Housing Units: The Supermax Prison
* Women Guarding Men
* Correctional Privatization
* Juveniles in Adult Corrections
* Capital Punishment: The Ultimate Penalty
* Release from Prison: Parole

Table of Contents

    Part I: Effects of Sentencing Changes
    Chapter 1: Institutional Crowding
    Academic Perspective: Challenging Beliefs About Prison Crowding, Gerald G. Gaes
    Practitioner Perspective: A National Study of Correctional Administrator's Views on Prison Crowding, Michael S. Vaughn
    Prisoner Perspective: Report From an Overcrowded Maze, Dannie M. Martin & Peter Y. Sussman
    Chapter 2: Growth of Women Prisoners
    Academic Perspective: Examining Trends in Female Incarceration, Meda Chesney-Lind
    Practitioner Perspective: A Prison Superintendent's Perspective on Women in Prison, Elaine Lord
    Lord provides details on issues women face during incarceration, and how the criminal justice system is responding differently to women offenders.
    Ex-Prisoner Perspective: The Effect of the War on Drugs on Women Prisoners, Susan Dearing
    Part II: Treatment of Offenders
    Chapter 3: Elements of Correctional Rehabilitation
    Academic Perspective: The Principles of Effective Intervention With Offenders, Paul Gendreau
    Practitioner Perspective: Essential Elements of the Effective Therapeutic Community in the Correctional Institution: A Director's Perspective, Steven F. Singer
    Prisoner Perspective: Through the Narrow Gate, Calbraith MacLeod
    Chapter 4: Medical Treatment: HIV/AIDS in Corrections
    Academic Perspective: HIV/AIDS and the Correctional System, Douglas S. Lipton
    Practitioner Perspective: Women Prisoners With HIV: A Letter From a Prison Doctor, Anne S. De Groot
    Prisoner Perspective: Till Death do us Part: The Deadly Game of AIDS in Prison, Antonio A. Gilbreath & Joshua D.M. Rogers
    Part III: Prison Security Issues
    Chapter 5: Prison Gangs
    Academic Perspective: Changes in Prison Culture: Prison Gangs and the Case of the 'Pepsi Generation', Geoffrey Hunt, Stephanie Riegel, Tomas Morales, & Dan Waldorf
    Practitioner Perspective: The Meaning of Prison Gang Tattoos, Michael P. Phelan & Scott A. Hunt
    Prisoner Perspective: Prison Gangs: Racial Separatism as a Form of Social Control, Victor Hassine
    Chapter 6: Prison Violence
    Academic Perspective: The Reproduction of Violence in U.S. Prisons, Michael Welch
    Practitioner Perspective: Violence and Incarceration: A Personal Observation, JoAnne Page
    Prisoner Perspective: Realities of Fear,
    Chapter 7: Security Housing Units: Supermax Prisons
    Academic Perspective: Infamous Punishment: The Psychological Consequences of Isolation, Craig Haney
    Practitioner Perspective: Attitudes of Prison Wardens Toward Administrative Segregation and Supermax Prisons, Terry L. Wells, W. Wesley Johnson & Rodney J. Henningsen
    Prisoner Perspective: It's a Form of Warfare: A Description of Pelican Bay State Prison, John H. Morris
    Chapter 8: Women Guarding Men
    Academic Perspective: Women Corrections Officers in Men's Prisons: Acceptance and Perceived Job Performance, Richard Lawrence & Sue Mahan
    Practitioner Perspective: Working in a Male-Dominated World: Aggression and Women Correctional Officers, Denise L. Jenne & Robert C. Kersting
    Ex-Prisoner Perspective: Lady Hacks and Gentlemen Convicts , Stephen C. Richards, Charles M. Terry, & Daniel S. Murphy
    Part IV: Special Issues Facing Corrections
    Chapter 9: Correctional Privatization
    Academic Perspective: Issues Concerning Private Prisons, David Shichor
    Practitioner Perspective: A Comparison of Job Satisfaction Among Private and Public Prison Employees, Emmitt L. Sparkman, Kevin I. Minor, & James B. Wells
    Ex-Prisoner Perspective: Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other: Private Prisons and the Conditions of Confinement Debate, Alan C. Mobley
    Chapter 10: Juveniles in Adult Corrections
    Academic Perspective: The Risks Juveniles Face in Adult Prisons, Jason Ziedenberg & Vincent Schiraldi
    Practitioner Perspective: Juveniles in Adult Prisons: Problems and Prospects, Francis P. Reddington & Allen D. Sapp
    Prisoner Perspective: Maximum-Security Offenders' Attitudes Toward Placing Juveniles in Adult Prisons, Martha L. Henderson
    Chapter 11: On Death Row
    Academic Perspective: Death Work: A Modern Execution Team, Robert Johnson
    Practitioner Perspective: Managing Death Row: A Tough Assignment, Morris L. Thigpen
    Prisoner Perspective: Walker's Requiem, Anthony Ross
    Part V: Getting Out
    Chapter 12: Release From Prison: Parole
    Academic Perspective: The Current State of Parole in America, Norman Holt
    Practitioner Perspective: Perspectives on Parole: The Board Members' Viewpoint, Ronald Burns, Patrick Kinkade, Matthew C. Leone, & Scott Phillips
    Prisoner Perspective: Getting Out: A Long and Frightening Road Home, Kathryn Watterson

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