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Contemporary Class Piano

Eighth Edition

Elyse Mach

Publication Date - July 2015

ISBN: 9780199326204

752 pages
Spiral Bound
8-1/2 x 11 inches

In Stock

Retail Price to Students: $139.99

The most comprehensive, widest-ranging beginning piano text


Acclaimed for its creative approach and diverse repertoire, Contemporary Class Piano provides a student-friendly introduction to basic piano skills. In short, progressive chapters that mirror the standard two-semester curriculum, it explains the essential elements of piano playing, incorporating diagrams, practice exercises, and musical examples that help students build proficiency and confidence with a variety of chord patterns, major and minor scales, and accompaniments.

New to this Edition

  • An even more diverse repertoire includes new ensembles in varying styles and difficulty, with an emphasis on an assortment of dance styles
  • Streaming audio, available with each new copy of the text or for purchase separately, provides students with a convenient way to access all examples online
  • Shorter, more progressive chapters explain the essential elements of piano playing like note reading, keyboard posture, tempo markings, and the five-finger pattern
  • New "Classic Miniatures" sections feature excerpts of original keyboard pieces written by master composers
  • Additional Worksheet Review sections provide even more opportunities for practice
  • "Take Note" boxes define key terms in the margins for easier identification
  • New improvisational sketches by noted composer Jeff Kowalkowski
  • A new circle-of-fifths chart and bound-in fold-out keyboard diagram are attached to the front and back covers of the text for reference
  • A downloadable bonus unit on the companion website addresses accompanying transposing instruments
  • Additional Creative Music and Harmonization sections
  • All major and minor scales and arpeggios in two-octaves that appear in Appendix C now include rhythmic orchestration accompaniments prepared by renowned composer Jason Nyberg

About the Author(s)

Elyse Mach is Distinguished Professor of Music Emerita at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. She has given concerts throughout Europe and the United States, appearing as a piano soloist with the NBC Symphony and the Netherlandische Philharmonic Broadcasting Orchestra, among others. She has written ten books on piano and pianists and has been a contributing music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. She is active as a consultant, clinician, master class teacher, and frequent adjudicator, and has guest lectured at St. Catherine's College of Oxford University, Northwestern, Yale, The Juilliard School, and many other institutions. She is the first recipient of the Board of Governors Universities Distinguished Professor Award and was honored by a proclamation issued by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Illinois.

Professor Mach is the 2010 recipient of the Silver Medal presented by The American Liszt Society--the highest honor that the society bestows. She is also the 2010 recipient of the Bernard G. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor Award of Northeastern Illinois University.

Previous Publication Date(s)

April 2010
August 2003
August 1996


"Contemporary Class Piano beats the competition in every arena. It addresses all of the needs of Class Piano I and II and is a fun, usable text that both teachers and students enjoy."--Gwen Threadgill, Troy University

"This text uses a clear, systematic, and creative approach to introduce and reinforce concepts. It is user friendly and stylistically diverse in repertoire."--Susan Chan, Portland State University

"Contemporary Class Piano is better than many other texts. It is well organized and very easy to understand."--Yun-Ling Hsu, University of Central Florida

Table of Contents

    Unit 1 Keyboard Basics

    Keyboard Posture
    Finger Numbers
    Basic Note and Rest Values

    The Keyboard
    Location of White Keys
    Using Black-key Groups to Locate White Keys
    C-D-E Groups
    Three Black-Key Groups
    F-G-A-B Groups
    Playing by Touch
    Playing by Ear

    Improvisation: Pentatonic (Black-key) Scale
    Notation and Naming Conventions
    Sharp and Flat Signs
    Half Steps
    Natural Sign
    Enharmonic Tones
    Letter Names for All Twelve Tones
    Whole Steps
    The Major Five-Finger Pattern
    C Major Five-Finger Pattern
    G Major Five-Finger Pattern
    F Major Five-Finger Pattern
    D Major Five-Finger Pattern
    Ryan's Song
    Ode to Joy
    Aura Lee

    Reading Notes
    The Staff and Clefs
    The Grand Staff
    Naming and Playing Treble and Bass Clef Notes
    Naming Notes and Playing Melody Patterns

    Melodic Intervals
    Harmonic Intervals
    Interval Studies

    Keeping Time
    Meter Signatures
    Playing Five-finger Melodies Using the Right Hand
    Playing Five-finger Melodies Using the Left Hand

    Slur and Phrase Markings
    Alternating Hands
    Rock It!

    Rhythmic Studies
    Ensemble Piece
    Sakura Sunrise
    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 2 Playing Melodies in Other Positions and More Keyboard Basics

    Melodies Divided Between Two Hands
    Notation Symbols
    Whole Rest
    A Jazz Waltz
    Shepherd's Song (Pastoral from Beethoven's Symphony No. 6)
    Boogie Beat
    Love Somebody

    Key Signature
    Eighth Notes and Eighth Rests
    Feelin' Good
    Morning Has Broken
    Little River
    For the Beauty of the Earth

    Drone Bass
    Highlander Tune
    French Canadian Round

    Major Five-Finger Pattern Improvisation Using a Drone Bass Accompaniment

    Classic Miniatures
    The Contest (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    Two Etudes (Ferdinand Byer)

    Surfing (Lee Evans)
    Dorian Mode Improvisation
    Dorian Mode Accompaniment
    12-Bar Blues Improvisation
    Start of the Blues
    Movin' on the White Key Blues

    Improvisation with New Notations and Techniques
    It's Up to You
    Taking A Chance

    Sightreading Studies
    Adding Drone Bass Accompaniments
    Treble Clef Melodies for the Right Hand
    Five-finger Pattern Studies in Major Keys

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Land of the Silver Birch
    Summer Breezes
    Lyric Piece (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Rock for Two
    Tag Along
    Black and White

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 3 More Five-Finger Patterns

    Playing in Different Registers
    Stepping Up in C
    Stepping Down in C

    Score Reading
    Tempo Markings
    More Dynamic Markings
    Breezes are Blowing
    Melody Study

    Persian Scene
    Monday Blues

    Dotted Quarter Notes
    Fiesta Time
    Shoestring Boogie
    Damper Pedal
    Evening Tide
    Upbeat and Downbeat
    On the Town
    Casey Jones

    Parallel Motion
    6/8 Time
    Two Stuidesin 6/8 Time
    Flemish Folk Song

    Key Signatures
    Sharp Key Signatures
    Flat Key Signatures
    Key Signature Chart
    Warm Up Study in Gb Major
    The Donkey
    Two Etudes in A Major

    Change of Dynamics
    A Sonata Theme (Mozart)
    Reading Study in E Major
    Follow Me

    Contrary Motion
    Calypso Beat
    Mysterious Corridors
    Classic Miniatures
    Minuet (Alexander Reinagle)
    Melody (Louis Köhler)

    Etude in D (Ferdinand Beyer)
    Creative Music
    Sightreading Studies
    Melodies with Various Rhythmic Patterns
    Different Registers and Register Changes
    Staccato Notes
    Parallel and Contrary Motion

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Razzle Dazzle (Lee Evans)
    Merry-Go-Round (Arthur Foote)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Spring (Antonio Vivaldi)
    Folk Song (French)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 4 Major and Minor Triads

    Major Triads
    Major Triad Groups
    Five-finger Studies and Triads in Major
    Open Fifths
    The Minor Five-finger Pattern
    Relative Minor Keys
    Eric Canal (William Allen)
    Zum Gali Gali (Israeli)

    Imitation and Inversion
    Imitation and Inversion (Béla Bartók)
    Minor Triads
    Five-Finger Studies and Triads in Major and Minor
    Major-Minor-Major Chord Progression
    Pieces Using Major and Minor Triads
    Aaron's Song
    Pyramids Afar
    Mostly Upward

    Classic Miniatures
    Allegro (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    Etude in A Minor (Ferdinand Beyer)

    Moonlit Sea (Phillip Keveren)
    Creative Music
    Sightreading Studies
    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    La Cinquantine (Gabriel Marie)
    Prelude (Henirch Wohlfahrt)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Canon (Johann Pachelbel)
    Whistle Daughter (American Folksong)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 5 The Dominant Seventh Chord

    Root Position: V7
    First Inversion
    I-V6/5 Chord Progressions
    Block-Chord Accompaniment with I and V6/5
    Austrian Folk Song
    Music Chord Symbols
    Bells of London
    Chilean Folksong
    Studies in Eb Major
    English Folk Song
    Etudes in Ab Major

    Five-Finger Melodies with Letter Name and Roman Numeral Chord Symbols for I and V6/5 Chords
    German Folk Song
    South American Folk Song
    German Tune
    Swedish Folk Song
    Hey Lidee (American)

    Classic Miniatures
    Moving Along (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    March (Daniel Gottlob Türk)
    Vivace (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    Pentatonic Improvisation
    Japanese Gardens
    Little River Call
    Saporo Sunset

    Creative Music and Harmonization
    i and V6/5 Chords in Minor
    Sightreading Studies
    I and V6/5 Chords in Major
    i and V6/5 Chords in Minor

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Waltz (Henirch Wohlfahrt)
    Joyful Day (Joseph Löw)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (English)
    Amazing Grace (traditional)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 6 The Subdominant Chord and Changing Five-Finger Positions

    The Subdominant Chord
    Root Position: The IV6/4 Inversion
    Authentic Candence
    Plagel Cadence

    Pieces with I-IV6/4-V6/5 Accompaniments
    Banks of the Ohio (American)
    Beautiful Brown Eyes (Traditional)
    French Folk Song
    Jingle Bells (J.S. Pierpont)
    Shall We Gather at the River (Robert Lowry)
    When the Saints Go Marchin' In (Traditional)

    Compostie Meter
    Festive Dance
    Exploring Db Major
    Two Studies
    Gentle Rain
    Melody from Op. 39 (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    Exploring Bb Major
    Calisthenic Studies
    This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
    Exploring B Major
    Studies in B Major
    Zulu Farewell Song

    Five-Finger Melodies with Letter-Name and Roman Numeral Chord Symbols for I, IV6/4, and V6/5 Chord Accompaniments
    Christmas Day is Come (Traditional Irish Carol)
    Alleluia (Traditional)
    Git Along, Little Dogies (Cowboy Song)

    Changing Five-Finger Positions
    Using More than a Single Five-Finger Position
    Study (Béla Bartók)
    Steamroller Rock
    Belly Button Blues
    Time Clock Blues
    Round the Corner Boogie

    Classic Miniatures
    Moving Around (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    Dance (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    A Little Joke (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    12-Bar Blues
    12-Bar Blues Pattern
    Starting the Blues
    Walking Through the Blues

    Blue Note
    Blue Note Blues
    Blues Beat
    Rockin' Blues

    I-IV-V Chords in All Major Keys
    Creative Music and Harmonization
    I and V6/5 Chords in Major
    i and V6/5 Chords in Minor

    Sightreading Studies
    I and V6/5 Chords
    Change of Five-finger Position

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Scherzo from Melodious Pieces, Op. 149, No. 6 (Anton Diabelli)
    Rumba (Gerard Hengeveld)

    Student Ensemble Piecess
    Alouette (French)
    Quand J'etais Chez Mon Pere (French)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 7 Major Scales and Easy Pieces with Block-Chord Accompaniments

    Major Scales
    Major Scales in Tetrachord Position
    Sharp Keys
    Flat Keys

    Major Scales with Fingerings for Both Hands Together
    Scale Studies in Clusters
    Triads on Major-Scale Degrees
    Intervals of a Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth (Octave)
    Extending the Five-finger Position
    Moving Along (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    The Strawberry Roan (Cowboy Song)
    Simple Gifts (Shaker Hymn)
    Michael, Row the Boat Ashore (Spiritual)
    Kum Ba Ya (Traditional)
    Mary Ann (Calypso Song)
    Sixteenth Notes and Sixteenth Rests
    Keep in the Middle of the Road (African American Spiritual)
    The Galway Piper (Irish)

    The Dotted Eighth Note
    Oh! Susanna (Stephen Foster)
    Round and Round (John Hilton)
    Scale Study (Carl Czerny)
    A Little
    Scale (Daniel Gottlob Türk)
    Musical Forms: AB and ABA
    Irish Washerwoman (Irish)
    Melodies with Letter-Name Chord Symbols for I, IV6/4, and V6/5 Chords
    When I Come Back (German)
    La Cucaracha (Mexican)
    Rock of Ages (Thomas Hastings)
    A Christmas Carol (Bohemian)
    Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Spiritual)

    Classic Miniatures
    Teasing (Daniel Gottlob Türk)
    German Dance, No. 2 (Joseph Haydn)

    Pentatonic Improvisation
    Bagpiper's Strut
    Creative Music and Harmonization
    Sightreading Studies
    Melodies in Parallel Motion
    Accompanied Melodies

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Five Finger Exercise (Charles-Louis Hanon)
    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Sunset (Dennis Alexander)
    Calico Rag (Dennis Alexander)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Lullaby (Louis Köhler)
    She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 8 Easy Pieces with Various Accompaniment Patterns

    Broken-Chord Accompaniment Patterns
    Frankie and Johnny (Traditional)
    Vive La Compagnie (French)

    Waltz Pattern
    Du, Du Liegst Mir im Herzen (German)
    My Hat, It Has Three Corners (German)

    Arpeggio Accompaniment Patterns
    On Top of Old Smoky (Traditional)
    Barcarolle (Jacques Offenbach)
    Gaîté Parisienne (Jacques Offenbach)

    Alberti Bass
    Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman? (Ah, Shall I Tell You, Mama?) (French)
    Etudes in Syncopated Rhythm
    Apple Street Rag
    The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)

    The Damper Pedal
    Direct Pedaling
    Pedal Studies
    The Highlands
    Lady Moon (Lynn Freeman Olson)

    Other Accompaniment Patterns
    Ostinato Accompaniment
    He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (Spiritual)
    Drum Roll Accompaniment
    Battle Hymn of the Republic (William Steffe)
    Classic Miniatures
    Scotch Dance (Friedrich Kuhlau)
    A Little Rondo (Daniel Gottlob
    Écossaise in C Major (Franz Schubert)
    Pentatonic Improvisation
    Goin' West
    Tango Improvisation
    Tango Dream (Jeff Kowalkowski)
    Creative Music and Harmonization
    Sightreading Studies
    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Fingerbuilder Exercise
    Finger-Strengthening Exercise

    Student-Teacher Ensemble Piecess
    Rondo, from First Suite, first movement (Franz Joseph Mouret)
    Casey Jones (American Railroad Ballad)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Hello, Ma Baby (Joseph E. Howard/Ida Emerson)
    Missa Ramgoat (Jamaican Folk Song)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 9 Secondary Chords and Chord Inversions of Triads and Seventh Chords

    Secondary Chords
    Every Night When the Sun Goes Down (American)
    Stars of the Heavens (Las estrellitas del cielo; Mexican Folksong)
    Ships Ahoy
    Oregano Rock

    Scherzo (Dmitri Kabalevsky)
    Intervals Within the Scale
    Melodic Lines with Intervals
    The Chase (Stan Applebaum)
    Carol of the Drums ("The Little Drummer Boy") (Katherine K. Davis)
    Thirds and Fourths
    Saturday Smile (Lynn Freeman Olson)
    Perpetual Motion (Elyse Mach)
    Chord Inversions
    Chord Inversions: Blocked and Arpeggiated
    Steeplechase (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    Triads on the Run

    Hunting Horns (Theodore Oesten)
    The Damper Pedal (Indirect Pedaling)
    Pedal Studies
    Big Ben
    Twilight (Lynn Freeman Olson)

    Hymn Style
    In Church (Jane Smisor Bastien)
    Prelude (Ludwig Schytte)

    Augmented and Diminished Triads
    Theme from Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World") (Antonin Dvo?ák)
    A New Fanfare

    Classic Miniatures
    Study Op. 101, No. 62 (Ferdinand Boyer)
    Dance, Op. 108, No. 1(Ludwig Schytte)

    Etude (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    Step Along Blues
    Scaling the Blues
    Boogie Woogie Blues
    Over Easy
    Ostinato Accompaniment Patterns
    Step Around Blues
    Ostinato Accompaniment Patterns
    Up and Down Blues
    Conversational Blues

    Creative Music and Harmonization
    Sightreading Studies
    Accompanied Melodies
    Pedal Studies

    Rhythmic Studies
    Technical Studies
    Finger Extension Study (Charles-Louis Hanon)
    Czerny Fingerbuilder Exercises (Carl Czerny)
    Inversion Studies
    Repeated-note Studies

    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Tranquility from On the Green Meadow (Alexander Gretchaninov)
    Knock About (Ken Iversen)

    Student Ensemble Pieces
    Au Clair de la Lune (French)
    Courante (Elsie Wells)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 10 Minor Scales and Other Scale Forms

    Minor Scales
    Relative Major and Relative Minor Scales
    Natural Minor Scale
    Harmonic Minor Scale
    Melodic Minor Scale

    Minor Key Signatures
    Relative Key Signatures
    Natural Minor Scales in Tetrachord Positions
    Sharp Keys
    Flat Keys

    Harmonic Minor Scales
    i-iv6/4-I-V6/5-i Chord Progression
    Volga Boatman (Russian)
    Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho (Spiritual)
    Hatikvah (Israeli)
    A Sea Shantey
    Moroccan Carivan
    Greensleeves (English)
    Dark Eyes (Russian)
    Marche Slave (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)

    Etude in A Minor (Cornelius Gurlitt)
    Parallel Major and Minor Scales
    Scaling Pyramids
    Venetian Waltz

    Etude (Ludvig Schytte)
    Other Scale Forms (Modes)
    Sakura (Japanese)
    Aeolian Lullaby (Joan
    Scarborough Fair (English)
    High Noon
    Spanish Folk Melody
    Sharp Four (Arthur Frackenpohl)
    Lydian March (David Duke)
    Shepherd Pipes (Tat'iana Salutrinskaya)
    The Chromatic Scale
    Chromatic Blues
    Navy Blues

    Chromatizone Rag (Ann Collins)
    Classic Miniatures
    Etude (Louis Köhler)
    The Village Prophet (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

    Rocker (Jeff Kowalkowski)
    Creative Music and Harmonization
    Sightreading Studies
    Technical Studies
    Finger-Extension Exercise (Charles-Louis Hanon)
    Major-Minor Scale Study: Op. 261, No. 50 (Carl Czerny)

    Student-Teacher Ensemble Pieces
    Sugar Plum Fairy Dance from the Nutcracker Suite (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
    Ensemble Pieces
    Sugarloaf Mountain (Everett Stevens)
    Galop (Elsie Wells)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 11 Tonality and Atonality: Exploring Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music Styles

    Hallelujah! (Martha Mier)
    The Whole-Tone Scale
    Morning Mist
    Name that Tune

    Pomp (Vincent Persichetti)
    Two Tone (Joan Hansen)

    Barcarolle (Ross Lee Finney)
    Innovative Notations
    5-White-Note Clusters (Ross Lee Finney)
    Seashore (Ross Lee Finney)
    Winter (Ross Lee Finney)

    Quartal Harmony
    Cathedral in the Snow (David Duke)
    Classic Miniatures
    Jumping Jacks (Op. 146, No. 5) (Dianne Goolkasian Rabbee)
    Invention for Piano (Emma Lou Diemer)

    Shades of Blue (Robert Starer)
    Bitonal Improvisation
    Ensemble Pieces
    Student Ensemble Pieces
    For the Kid Next Door (Soulima Stravinsky)
    Folk Dance (Dianne Goolkasian Rabbee)

    Worksheet Review

    UNIT 12 Melodies with Letter-Name Chord Symbols and Melodies with Roman Numeral Chord Symbols

    Melodies with Roman Numeral Chord Symbols
    Letter Names of I, IV, and V7 Chords
    Melodies with Letter-Name Chord Symbols
    New River Train (American)
    Lavender's Blue (Old English Folk Song)
    Long, Long Ago (Thomas H. Bayly)
    Hush Little Baby (American)
    William Tell Overture (Gioacchino Rossini)
    Danube Waves (Ion Ivanovich)
    Two Guitars (Russian)
    Arkansas Traveler (American)

    Melodies with Roman Numeral Chord Symbols
    Over the Waves (Traditional)
    Aloha Oe (Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii)
    Dona Nobis Pacem (Traditional)
    The Washington Post March (John Philip Sousa)
    Camptown Races (Stephen Foster)

    Melodies with Letter-name Chord Symbols that Include Secondary Chords ii, iii, and vi, and Augmented and Diminished Chords
    Jacob's Ladder (Spiritual)
    Streets of Laredo (American Cowboy Tune)
    Saint Anthony Chorale (From Joseph Haydn)
    Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Albert von Tilzer/Jack Norworth)
    Melodies with Roman Numeral Chord Symbols that Include Secondary Chords ii, iii, and vi, and Augmented and Diminished Chords
    All Through the Night (Webb)
    O Mon Cher Amant from La Périchale (Jacques Offenbach)
    Auld Lang Syne (Scottish)
    Waltzing Matilda (Australian)
    Jesu, Joy of
    Man's Desiring (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    Famous Themes
    Theme from Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin) (Richard Wagner)
    Theme from the Barber of Seville (Antonio Rossini)
    Trepak (from The Nutcracker Suite) (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
    Theme from Don Giovanni (La ci darem la mano) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
    Theme from Symphony No. 4, K. 550 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
    Musetta's Waltz (from La Bohème) (Giacomo Puccini)
    La Donna È Mobile (from Rigoletto) (Giuseppe Verdi)
    Für Elise (Ludwig van Beethoven)
    Theme from Liebestraum (Franz Liszt)
    Theme from Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 18 (third movement) (Sergei Rachmaninoff)
    Theme from Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World) (Antonin Dvorák)

    Strumming Accompaniments
    Dixie (Dan Emmett)
    Sweet Betsy from Pike
    Arpeggio Accompaniments
    Diminished and Augmented Triads
    Even Though (Elyse Mach)
    Major and Minor Seventh Chords
    More (Theme from Mondo Cane) (Riziero Ortolani and Nino Oliviero)
    Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago) (Maurice Jarre)

    Letter-Name Chord Chart
    Ensemble Pieces
    Nadia's Theme (from "The Young and the Restless") (B. De Vorzon and P. Botkin, Jr.
    Edel Weiss (from "The Sound of Music") (Richard Rodgers)

    UNIT 13 Thirty-One Piano Classics

    1. Rameau, Tambourin
    2. Rameau, Rondino
    3. Bach, Minuet in G from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach
    4. Schein, Allemande
    5. Corelli, Sarabande
    6. Krieger, Minuet in A Minor
    7. Witthauer, Gavotte
    8. Mozart, L., Burleske (from Notebook for Wolfgang)
    9. Haydn, Gypsy Dance (Trio)
    10. Mozart, W. A., Minuet in C
    11. Beethoven, Russian Folk Song,( Op. 107, No. 3)
    12. Burgmüller, Arabesque
    13. Schumann, Melody (from 43 Piano Pieces for the Young, Op. 68)
    14. Gurlitt, Night Journey
    15. Lyne, Sonatina in C Major (first movement)
    16. Streabbog, A Pleasant Morning, ( Op. 3, No. 1)
    17. Tchaikovsky, Italian Song
    18. Schytte, Etude in D Major,( Op. 108, No. 7)
    19. Rebikoff, The Bear
    20. Bartók, Springtime Song (No. 2 from For Children, Vol. 1)
    21. Tansman, Au Jardin (To the Garden)
    22. Kabalevsky, A Conversation (Op. 39, No.7)
    23. Hovhaness, Moon Dance (No. 2 from Mountain Idylls)
    24. Starer, Evens and Odds
    25. Gillock, Autumn is Here
    26. Norton, Microjazz I
    27. Tingley, Early Spring
    28. Miller, Festive Dance
    29. Olson, Razz-Ma-Tazz
    30. Vandall, Prelude No. 7 in B Minor (Chaconne)
    31. Rollin, To B or Not to B Flat


    APPENDIX A Score Reading

    Three-Part Texture
    Four-Part Texture
    Hush Little Baby (American)
    Red River Valley (American Folk Song)
    Londonderry Air (O Danny Boy) (Irish Folk Tune)
    Homeward Bound (Ken Iverson)
    Sailing (Ken Iverson)
    Hymn (Ken Iverson)
    New Created World (Excerpt from The Creation) (Franz Joseph Haydn)
    Chorale (Excerpt from No. 140) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    Hostias (Excerpt from Requiem) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
    Movable Clefs
    The Alto Clef
    Rondo (Excerpt from Sextet,No. 1, Op. 18) (Johannes Brahms)
    Sarabande (John Ernest Galliard)
    The Tenor Clef
    Long, Long Ago (Thomas Bayly)
    Figured Bass
    Figured Bass Symbols
    Close and Open Structure
    Figured Bass Symbols for Triad Inversions
    Melodies with Figured Bass
    Lasset Uns Den Nicht Zerteilen (Excerpt from the Passion According to St. John) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    Transposing Instruments

    APPENDIX B Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments

    Foster: Camptown Races
    Foster: Oh! Susanna
    Schubert: Heiden-Röslein (Rose on the Hearth)
    Schumann: Ich Grolle Nicht (Excerpt from Die Dichterliebe, Op. 48, No. 7)
    She's Like the Swallow

    Beethoven: Violin Sonata, Op. 25, No. 5 (Excerpt)
    Beethoven: Scotch Dance (Excerpt)
    Hammerschmidt: Wende Dich, Herr (Excerpt)

    APPENDIX C Major and Harmonic Minor Scales and Arpeggios in Two Octaves

    Major Scales and Arpeggios in Two Octaves
    Harmonic Minor Scales and Arpeggios in Two Octaves

    APPENDIX D Three Patriotic Song Arrangements

    1. Carey, America
    2. Bates/Ward, America the Beautiful
    3. Key/Smith, The Star-Spangled Banner

    APPENDIX E Performance Terms and Symbols

    Title Index
    Composer Index
    Subject Index