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Contemporary Class Piano

Ninth Edition

Author Elyse Mach

Publication Date - February 2023

ISBN: 9780190078294

752 pages
Spiral Bound
8 1/2 x 11 inches

The most comprehensive, widest-ranging beginning piano text


Known for its richly diversified styles of repertoire and ensemble pieces and its abundance of creative materials, Contemporary Class Piano, Ninth Edition, includes the widest-ranging repertoire of solo and ensemble pieces available in any beginning piano text. Elyse Mach presents an abundant solo and ensemble repertoire-which includes classical pieces and folk, jazz, dance, and blues tunes-providing ample opportunities for students to improvise, transpose, harmonize, and compose accompaniments.

New to this Edition

  • Reorganized from 13 to 17 units, the units are shorter and more concise, making it easier to work with and more accessible for classroom use.
  • A refreshed repertoire appears throughout the text with new selections in popular and contemporary styles, and more pieces by women composers.
  • New ensemble pieces, reading pieces, sightreading pieces, and examples are added in varying styles and diversity.
  • Additional worksheets have been added in the expanded units.
  • Melodies to harmonize now appear throughout many of the units in addition to an individual unit of supplementary melodies to harmonize.
  • New pieces and ensemble repertoire have been written expressly for this edition by noted Hollywood soundtrack composer, Jason Nyberg.
  • Several hundred streaming accompaniments accompany the text. Streaming accompaniments add musical interest and have been proven to be helpful in motivating students to maintain interest and practice more.

About the Author(s)

Elyse Mach is Distinguished Professor of Music Emerita at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.


"This text is a comprehensive resource for beginning class piano. The diverse repertoire and extensive supplementary materials assist teachers in tailoring instruction to meet diverse student needs, and in facilitating creative and innovative musical expression." -Heather Waters, Adelphi University

"This textbook is very comprehensive and easy to use. It is great for class piano as a text that covers all students need to learn in the course, adaptable for all levels, and easy to use for students in varying levels even in the same class, as the text covers all the fundamental keyboard skills." -Quynh Nguyen, Hunter College

Table of Contents

    Unit 1: Keyboard Basics
    Unit 2: Intervals and Playing Melodies in Other Positions
    Unit 3: More Five-Finger Patterns and the Drone Bass
    Unit 4: Playing in Different Registers
    Unit 5: Key Signatures
    Unit 6: Major and Minor Triads
    Unit 7: The Dominant Seventh Chord
    Unit 8: The Subdominant Chords and Changing Five-Finger Positions
    Unit 9: Major Scales and Easy Pieces with Block-Chord Accompaniments
    Unit 10: Easy Pieces Using Various Accompaniment Patterns
    Unit 11: Intervals Within the Scale and Chord Inversions of Triads and Seventh Chords
    Unit 12: Minor Scales
    Unit 13: Secondary Chords (ii, iii, and vi)
    Unit 14: Modes and Scale Forms
    Unit 15: Tonality and Atonality: Exploring Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Music Styles
    Unit 16: Twenty-Five Piano Classics
    Unit 17: Supplementary Melodies to Harmonize
    Appendix A: Score Reading
    Appendix B: Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments
    Appendix C: Major and Harmonic Minor Scales and Arpeggios
    Appendix D: Three Patriotic Song Arrangements
    Appendix E: Performance Terms and Symbols