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Community Health Workers in Action

The Efforts of "Promotores de Salud" in Bringing Health Care to Marginalized Communities

Melvin Delgado

Publication Date - August 2019

ISBN: 9780190691028

272 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Community Health Workers in Action proposes support and expansion of the role of community health workers in meeting the health needs of marginalized groups in United States cities (although their potential reach is not limited to any one group or geographical section). Given the health inequities that continue to touch the lives of millions of people of color across the country, these professionals' efforts--which translate to innovative, community-centered responses designed to reach particularly vulnerable populations--are quite timely. In order to truly understand the topic of health care, one must first explore its historical contexts, socio-cultural factors, and the ways in which values play a critical role in shaping a worldview of the right to quality care. This book offers readers a window into the dynamic field that continues to expand in highly creative and cost-effective ways, which ultimately shape one major piece of the complicated puzzle that is health care in America.


  • Shares a comprehensive review of health care and the potential to expand community health workers' roles
  • Offers innovative ways by which to support community health workers in the field
  • Proposes a fresh curriculum on the topic

About the Author(s)

Melvin Delgado, PhD, is Professor in the School of Social Work at Boston University. Specifically focusing on the Latino community, Dr. Delgado has over 40 years of practice, research, and scholarship centered on urban population groups. He has published numerous articles and 30 books on urban community practice topics. Dr. Delgado is currently the Series Editor of Oxford University Press's Social Justice and Youth Community Practice Series.


"This well-referenced book provides a pathway to understanding and expanding the essential role played by CHWs in facilitating improved health outcomes for vulnerable populations—those most in need of social justice within an ailing nation." -- S.W. Gustafson, Elmira College, CHOICE

Table of Contents


    Section 1: Context
    Chapter 1: Overview
    Chapter 2: Culture and Health
    Chapter 3: Health Inequity
    Chapter 4: Challenges and Barriers to Urban Health Care Delivery

    Section 2: Theoretical Foundation
    Chapter 5: Values, Guiding Principles, Conceptual Foundation, and Framework
    Chapter 6: Community Health Workers/Promotores de Salud: Definition, Parameters, and Challenges
    Chapter 7: Recruiting, Training, and Supporting Promotores (Paid and Volunteer)

    Section 3: Reflections From the Field
    Chapter 8: Special Population Case Illustrations
    Chapter 9: Lessons Learned
    Chapter 10: Recommendations for Research and Practice


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