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Communication and Social Media

Joseph Mazer

Publication Date - 07 January 2019

ISBN: 9780190877644

240 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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With rich and compelling narratives, this casebook features a range of stories focused on concepts and theories related to communication and social media


With engaging story lines, unpredictable plot twists, and realistic characters, the case studies in Communication and Social Media tackle real-life issues that are relevant for students. Written by communication scholars with specific expertise in social media and new technologies, the cases are presented as stories and reflect recent theory and research. The text encourages students to discuss, develop, and analyze potential solutions to the problems illustrated in each case study, including dating on social media and career development through social media. This approach increases students' interest in communication, furthers their desire to learn, and reminds them to think critically about their communication as they navigate their relationships with others through social media and new technologies.


  • Rich and compelling narratives that involve readers in personal and interpersonal situations they can understand and relate to their own lives
  • Helps students apply theoretical concepts and bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • Offers students insight into multiple processes and issues in communication contexts and, as a result, foster active learning
  • Provides an opportunity for the development of communication, group collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking skills

About the Author(s)

Joseph P. Mazer is Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Communication at Clemson University.


"I like this approach because it challenges sudents to think critically about the concepts and theories they have learned."--David Moss, Mt. San Jacinto College

Table of Contents


    About the Contributors

    Introduction: Case Studies in the Classroom

    Part I: Communication and Social Media Case Studies Across Personal Relationships

    Case Study 1: ''She Posted About Him Again?'' Social Media Jealousy and Conflict in Romantic Relationships
    Jenna McNallie & Patricia E. Gettings

    Case Study 2: ''Are you okay?'' Online Harassment and Cyberstalking
    Bianca Batti & Jasmine R. Linabary

    Case Study 3: Creating, Maintaining, and Navigating Interpersonal Relationships: Using Multiple Computer-Mediated Channels
    Sarah Beach

    Case Study 4: Facing Today: Examining Social Media Use in Developing Relationships
    Samantha Dunn & Dakota C. Horn

    Case Study 5: Facebook Status and Social Feedback: Dating With, Coming Out, and Checking On
    John Marc Cuellar

    Case Study 6: When You Don't See the Sign, Do You Push or Pull the Door? Understanding Computer-Mediated Communication and Long-Distance Intimate Partners from an Attachment Theory Perspective
    Elizabeth M. Jenkins

    Case Study 7: Out Online: Exploring LGBTQ Identity Through Mediated Friendship
    Valerie Rubinsky

    Case Study 8: Black Lives Matter, too: Creating a Movement through Facebook
    Clarissa T. Williams

    Case Study 9: Breaking Up the BAND: Group Communication and Social Media
    Melissa Rizzo Weller

    Case Study 10: The Modality Switch Effect: Public Grief Online, Social Support Offline
    Jocelyn M. DeGroot & Heather J. Carmack

    Case Study 11: Recognizing Warning Signs and Helping Someone in Crisis: Suicide Ideation on Facebook
    Lauren Eubanks Pollard

    Case Study 12: The Curious Nature of Support in Online Support Communities
    Jeanine W. Turner, Mark L. Cabling, Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza, &
    Vanessa B. Sheppard

    Case Study 13: #mommywars: Exploring Group Membership, Social Support, and Conflict among Subgroups of Mothers on Facebook
    Jessalyn I. Vallade, Renee Kaufmann, & Kelly G. Odenweller

    Case Study 14: Bridging the Digital Divide to Stay in Touch with Grandparents: Communication with Intergenerational Relatives When Away at College
    Sharon Storch & Anna V. Ortiz Juarez-Paz

    Case Study 15: Social Media by Different Generations: Cultural and Economic Aspects
    Do Kyun Kim & Alice C. Ferguson

    Case Study 16: Trouble in Paradise: Maintaining Relationships in Geographically Dispersed Families
    Patricia E. Gettings & Jenna McNallie

    Case Study 17: Basking in Reflected Glory (BIRG) & Cutting off Reflected Failure (CORF): A Look at Behavioral Patterns in Response to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
    Alexandria S. Jenkins

    Case Study 18: Student Academic Support: Connecting Across Modes of Communication
    Blair Thompson & Cathryn Ellis

    Case Study 19: Fight of the Century: Parasocial Relationships & Affective Disposition Theory
    Gregory A. Cranmer & Nicholas D. Bowman

    Case Study 20: Sports Identity: Making Sports Connections Through Online Fantasy Play
    Colby Lanham

    Part II: Communication and Social Media Case Studies Across Professional Relationships

    Case Study 21: Mutual Screening: Implications for Applicants and Employers in the Digital Age
    Gavin Kirkwood & Holly J. Payne

    Case Study 22: To Connect or Not to Connect? Professional Networks and Social Media
    Michelle Fetherston

    Case Study 23: Professor Twitter Use and Student Impression Formation: The Warranting Value of Professor Social Media
    Cathlin V. Clark-Gordon & Nicholas D. Bowman

    Case Study 24: Self-Disclosure Through Social Media and its Influence Beyond Graduation
    Jessica G. Owens

    Case Study 25: Teacher Self-Disclosure, Politics, and Student Discomfort
    Anna M. Wright & Brian M. Rohman

    Case Study 26: Marketing or Manipulation?: The College Decision-Making Process for International Students
    Madeline A. Rafi

    Case Study 27: Crisis on Campus: Influence, Activism, and Dialogue Through Social Media
    Brandon C. Boatwright

    Case Study 28: False School Shooting: Utilizing Social Media and Sense-Making Theory as an Outlet to Distress on a College Campus
    Vanessa M. Vaccaro

    Case Study 29: Social Media in the Workplace: A Space for Escape
    Kathryn B. Staggs

    Case Study 30: Lilly Pulitzer and the Limited Edition Water Bottles: Instagram and the Wants of the Consumer
    Christa Kettlewell

    Case Study 31: Social Media on the Golf Course: A Need For Future Facilities
    Mitchell Smith

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