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Colonial Latin America

Tenth Edition

Mark A. Burkholder and Lyman L. Johnson

Publication Date - 25 June 2018

ISBN: 9780190642402

432 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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The most inclusive perspective on the daily and cultural life of colonial Latin Americans


The tenth edition of Colonial Latin America provides a concise study of the history of the Iberian colonies in the New World and their preconquest background to the wars of independence in the early nineteenth century. Colonial Latin America is indispensable for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating and often colorful history of the cultures, the people, and the struggles that have played a part in shaping Latin America.

New to this Edition

  • Revised and expanded discussions of conquest and early settlement (Chapter 2), labor and wages (Chapter 5), plantation slavery (Chapter 6), mayorazgos and family life (Chapter 7), rural and urban settings, and daily life (Chapter 8)
  • New slave trade estimates (Chapter 4)
  • Updated suggested readings throughout the book

About the Author(s)

Mark A. Burkholder is Curators' Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Lyman L. Johnson is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


"Colonial Latin America provides a solid narrative structure, yet it does not overwhelm students with a chronology of 'things happening.' The book's writing style is one of its greatest strengths: it is readable, understandable, and clear. This is the best one-volume text on the colonial period in Latin America."--David Castle, Ohio State University

"The text is venerable because it works. It provides students with broad spatial and chronological panoramas that will help them make fuller sense of each and every topic pertaining to early Latin America."--Robert Ferry, University of Colorado

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. America, Iberia, and Africa Before the Conquest
    Amerindian Civilizations on the Eve of European Conquest
    The Iberian World in the Late Fifteenth Century
    Atlantic Africa in the Fifteenth Century
    First Encounters in the New World

    Chapter 2. The Age of Conquest
    The Conquest of Mexico
    The Conquest of Peru
    The Ebb Tide of Conquest
    Black Participation in the Age of Conquest
    Conundrums and the Columbian Exchange

    Chapter 3. Ruling New World Empires
    Imperial Organization and Administration
    The Colonial Church
    The Inquisition

    Chapter 4. Population and Labor
    Changes in the Colonial Population
    Indian Labor
    Slavery and the Slave Trade

    Chapter 5. Production, Exchange, and Defense
    The Mining and Sugar Industries
    International Trade and Taxation
    The Colonial Economy

    Chapter 6. The Social Economy: Societies of Caste and Class
    Evolution of Colonial Societies
    The Elites
    Urban and Rural Middle Groups
    The Broad Base of Colonial Society

    Chapter 7. The Family and Society
    Family: The Foundation of Colonial Society
    Women in Colonial Societies and Economies
    The Culture of Honor

    Chapter 8. Living in an Empire
    Colonial Settings
    Daily Life in the Colonies
    The Cultural Milieu

    Chapter 9. Imperial Expansion
    The Spanish Colonies: From the War of Succession to the Loss of Havana
    Brazil in the Age of Expansion

    Chapter 10. The Era of Caroline Reforms
    Reconfiguration of Empire
    Church, State, and the Enlightenment
    Population Growth and Social Change
    Colonial Economies in the Reform Era
    Protest and Insurrections

    Chapter 11. Crisis and Political Revolution
    The World Turned Upside Down
    An Era of War and Crisis for Spain and Portugal
    Governments of Resistance and Political Revolution, 1808-12

    Chapter 12. From Empire to Independence
    Ferdinand and the Failure of Absolutism
    Independence in Spanish America
    Portugal and Brazil in an Era of Revolution
    Cuba: The "Ever Faithful Isle"
    Spain After the Loss of the Mainland Empire

    Chapter 13. Epilogue
    The Economy
    Government and Political Life
    Social Change

    A Note on Periodical Literature and Suggested Readings
    Illustration Sources and Credits
    Monarchs of Spain and Portugal


    Map 1: Topographical Map of Latin America
    Map 2: Major Amerindian cultures
    Map 3: The Iberian Peninsula in the mid-fifteenth century
    Map 4: West and West Central Africa in the early sixteenth century
    Map 5: Major Territorial Divisions in 1650
    Map 6: Colonial Trade
    Map 7: Colonial Latin America: Political Organization
    Map 8: Latin America in 1830

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