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Colonial Africa


Second Edition

Dennis Laumann

Publication Date - 09 March 2018

ISBN: 9780190647520

128 pages
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

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Combining topical breadth, lucid analysis, and the most recent scholarship, Colonial Africa, 1884-1994, Second Edition, offers an engaging introduction to the history of colonialism in Africa


Colonial Africa, 1884-1994, Second Edition, presents a balanced, accessible, and comprehensive overview of how Africans experienced European colonial rule. This brief and affordable text is organized in a "layered" approach that gives students a deeper insight into the ways in which Africans encountered, shaped, confronted, depicted, and ended colonialism.

African World Histories is a series of retellings of some of the most commonly discussed episodes of the African and global past from the perspectives of Africans who lived through them. Accessible yet scholarly, African World Histories gives students insights into African experiences concerning many of the events and trends that are commonly discussed in the history classroom.

New to this Edition

  • New sections on railways, ethnicity, gender, and religion
  • Expanded discussions of the activities of missionaries and precolonial African politics and expansionism
  • More oral history sources, like the testimony of a forced laborer who lived through the Maji Maji Rebellion of 1905-1907
  • Additional sources from recent fiction, such as the account by South African novelist Fred Khumalo of the hundreds of African soldiers who died in a maritime disaster in 1917
  • An updated examination of the legacies of colonial rule based on recent events in Africa and Europe
  • Five new photos

About the Author(s)

Dennis Laumann is Professor of History and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of History at The University of Memphis.


"Colonial Africa provides students with a good first entry point into European colonialism in Africa. It helps students to gain a sense of broader dynamics before potentially delving into more specific setups. Laumann also adds useful resources and further readings, allowing students to dig deeper into specific topics. The organizational framework pushes students to think beyond chronological setups and nation-states, and allows instructors to assign this book first before moving through the colonial period step by step."--Martin Kalb, Bridgewater College

"I really like this slim volume and have been using it in my African History II course ever since it came out. It is clearly structured around four major themes, and introduces students to the complexities and controversies surrounding the study of modern African history. The book draws on the scholarship in the field and accounts for the emerging and competing trends in the study of Africa, and doesn't shy away from explaining the scholarly terminology deployed by historians. At the same time, it is written in clear, concise, and accessible prose. I find it particularly useful that Laumann spends time explaining the importance of ideology and introducing students to the ideological discourses that shaped both colonial and postcolonial African history."--Maxim Matusevich, Seton Hall University

Table of Contents

    Maps and Figures
    About the Author
    Series Introduction


    Chapter 1: Economics
    Abolition and "Legitimate Commerce"
    Informal Colonialism
    Scramble for Africa
    Colonial Economy

    Chapter 2: Administration
    District Officers, Intermediaries, and Missionaries
    Models of Colonial Rule
    Ethnicity and Gender
    Religion and Politics
    Comparative Colonialism
    Settler Colonies

    Chapter 3: Violence
    Conquest and Resistance
    Uprisings and Atrocities
    World Wars
    Armed Liberation Struggles

    Chapter 4: Liberation
    Second World War Impact
    South Africa