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Clinical Personality Assessment

Practical Approaches

Second Edition

Edited by James N. Butcher

Publication Date - January 2002

ISBN: 9780195142587

592 pages
7 x 10 inches

Retail Price to Students: $244.99


Clinical Personality Assessment, 2/e, is the revised edition of an acclaimed comprehensive clinical personality assessment text. In this updated volume, contributors from a diverse range of psychological disciplines address a number of central issues in personality assessment in clinical and forensic settings. Focusing on key problem areas in the field, the authors emphasize practical issues in their chapters. The result is a work of outstanding variety and depth of coverage with a useful, hands-on focus. The second edition has been updated to include several new topics, such as psychophysiological methods in assessing emotions, assessment of clients' marital satisfaction, behavior genetic considerations in personality assessment, and assessment of suicide risk. Other topics include ethical considerations in clinical personality assessment, assessment of racial and ethnic minorities, sources of personality information, and problems in personality assessment. A practical, context-based approach is maintained throughout, and a helpful appendix listing psychological assessment tests and procedures concludes the book. A definitive text in its field, Clinical Personality Assessment, 2/e, is ideal for both students and practicing clinical psychologists.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 1995

Table of Contents

    Part I: An Introduction to Clinical Personality Assessment
    1. Clinical Personality Assessment: An Overview, James N. Butcher
    2. Why Use Personality Tests? A Brief History and Some Comments, John E. Exner, Jr. and Philip Erdberg
    3. How to Select Personality Tests for a Test Battery, Marvin W. Acklin
    4. Theory and Measurement of Personality Traits, Allan R. Harkness
    5. Behavior Genetic Perspectives on Clinical Personality Assessment, Robert F. Krueger and Kristian E. Markon
    6. Psychophysiological Studies of Emotion and Psychopathology, Serena M. King, Jeannie L. Tsai, and Yulia Chentsova-Dutton
    7. How to Assess Clients in Pretreatment Planning, Larry E. Beutler, T. Mark Harwood, and Robert Holaway
    8. Assessment of Treatment Resistance via Questionnaire, Julia N. Perry
    9. How to Use Computer-based Reports, James N. Butcher
    10. How to Anticipate Ethical and Legal Challenges in Personality Assessments, Irving B. Weiner
    Part II: Special Populations in Personality Assessment
    11. Clinical Personality Assessment with Asian Americans, Sumie Okazaki, Diya Kallivayalil, and Stanley Sue
    12. Culturally Competent Assessment of Latino Clients: The MMPI-2, Roberto J. Velasquez, Paula J. Maness, and Ulla Anderson
    13. The Assessment of Psychopathology in Racial and Ethnic Minorities, Bernadette Gray-Little
    14. Issues in Clinical Assessment with Women, Damon Ann Robinson and Judith Worell
    15. Personality Assessment of Neurologically Impaired Patients, Carlton S. Gass
    16. Assessing Couples, Douglas K. Snyder, Brian V. Abbott, and Angela M. Castellani
    Part III: Special Populations in Personality Assessment
    17. Standards and Standardization, Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson
    18. Incorporating Base Rate Information in Daily Clinical Decision Making, Jan H. Kamphuis and Stephen E. Finn
    19. Assessment of Malingering, David T. R. Berry et al.
    Part IV: Sources of Personality Information
    20. Behavioral Observations, Martin Leichtman
    21. Item Content in the Interpretation of the MMPI-2, James N. Butcher
    Part V: Problems in Personality Assessment
    22. Assessing a Patient's Ability to Cope, Norman S. Endler and James D. A. Parker
    23. Assessing Antisocial and Psychopathic Personalities, Carl B. Gacono and J. Reid Meloy
    24. Assessment of Suicide Risk, Ronald Stolberg and Bruce Bongar
    25. Assessing Personality Disorders, Thomas A. Widiger and Linda Anne Coker
    26. Assessing the Risk of Aggression and Violence, Edwin L. Megargee
    27. Assessing Criminal Responsibility, Kathleen P. Stafford and Yossef S. Ben-Porath
    28. Assessment in Inpatient and Residential Settings, Marco J. Mariotto, Gordon L. Paul, and Mark H. Licht
    29. Use of Objective Psychological Procedures in Assessing Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Roger L. Greene and Joseph A. Banken

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