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Classics of Philosophy

Edited by Louis P. Pojman

Publication Date - October 1997

ISBN: 9780195116465

816 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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Classics of Philosophy: Volume II, Modern and Contemporary covers the works of philosophers from Descartes to Rawls. Ideal for courses in modern and contemporary philosophy, it includes forty-eight extensive selections--seventeen of them complete--from twenty-nine philosophers. This collection offers an unrivaled introduction to the major works of these periods. A lucid introduction, including a brief biographical sketch, accompanies each of the featured philosophers.
Also look for Classics of Philosophy: Volume I, Ancient and Medieval, which covers the works of philosophers from Thales to William of Ockham. In addition, there is a single-volume edition available that combines Volume I and Volume II, providing the most comprehensive anthology of writings in western philosophy in print.

About the Author(s)

Louis P. Pojman is Professor of Philosophy at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is the author or editor of over twenty books and numerous articles.

Table of Contents

    Part III: The Modern Period
    15. Rene Descartes
    16. Thomas Hobbes
    17. Blaise Pascal
    18. Baruch Spinoza
    19. Gottfried WIlhelm Leinbniz
    20. John Locke
    21. George Berkeley
    22. William Paley
    23. David Hume
    24. Immanuel Kant
    25. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    26. Arthur Schopenhauer
    27. Soren Kierkegaard
    28. John Stuart Mill
    29. Karl Marx
    30. Friedrich Nietzsche
    Part IV: The Contemporary Period
    31. W. K. Clifford
    32. Charles S. Pierce
    33. William James
    34. Bertrand Russell
    35. G. E. Moore
    36. Ludwig Wittgenstein
    37. Edmund Husserl
    38. Martin Heidegger
    39. Jean Paul Sartre
    40. A. J. Ayer
    41. W. V. O. Quine
    42. Nelson Goodman
    43. John Rawls

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