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Classical Greece

500-323 BC

Edited by Robin Osborne

Publication Date - 02 November 2000

ISBN: 9780198731535

288 pages


Classical Greece provides an analysis of the physical setting of and the archaic legacy to the classical city, its economy, its civic and religious institutions, the waging of war between cities, the occurrence and ancient analysis of conflict within the city, and the private life of the citizen, finishing with history through the fifth and fourth centuries. Robin Osborne presents us with a concise, comprehensive, and authoritative book that will be enjoyed by classics and history students; students taking courses in classical Greek literature, philosophy, art, and archaeology; academics; and general readers alike.


  • The third volume (following Blanning's Eighteenth Century and Nineteenth Century volumes) of the major new Short Oxford History of Europe series
  • The contributors are all top names in the field and together make up an enterprising and formidable volume (series editor is Professor T C W Blanning, Professor of Modern European History, Cambridge)
  • Not a narrative history, but an explicit thematical approach in a series of analytical surveys of society, politics, economics, culture, etc., each by a leading scholar at the cutting edge of historiography
  • Chapters linked together by a substantial introduction and conclusion, by internal cross-references, and by a detailed chronological table
  • Coherent, concise, comprehensive, authoritative, provocative and challenging: a book which can't be overlooked

About the Author(s)

Robin Osborne is a Professor of Ancient History in the University of oxford and Fellow of Corpus Christi College. He is the author of Demos: The Discovery of Classical Attika 91985), Classical Landscape with Figures: The Ancient Greek City and its Countryside (1987), Greece in the making 1200-479BC (1996), and Archaic and Classical Greek Art (1998).

Table of Contents

    List of Illustrations
    List of Contributors
    List of Ancient Authors mentioned
    1. The Creation of Classical Greece, Robin Osborne
    2. The Economy, Paul Millett
    3. The Classical City, Rosalind Thomas
    4. The City at War, Hans van Wees
    5. Political conflicts, political debates, and political thought, Josiah Ober
    6. Private Life, James Davidson
    7. The Fifth Century: Political and Military Narrative, Lisa Kallet
    8. The Fourth Century: Political and Military Narrative, Robin Osborne
    Conclusion, Robin Osborne
    Further Reading

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