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Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education

Second Edition

Edited by Steven M. Cahn

Publication Date - February 2011

ISBN: 9780199783069

464 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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The most comprehensive anthology in the philosophy of education, this acclaimed collection features work from both classic writers and contemporary thinkers


Now even more affordably priced in its second edition, Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education is ideal for undergraduate and graduate philosophy of education courses. Editor Steven M. Cahn, a highly respected contributor to the field, brings together writings by leading figures in the history of philosophy and notable contemporary thinkers. The first section of the book provides material from nine classic writers: Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Wollstonecraft, Mill, Whitehead, and Dewey. Their historically important works encourage students to view current issues and debates from broad perspectives. The second section presents twenty-one recent selections that reflect diverse approaches, including pragmatism, analytic philosophy, feminism, and multiculturalism. The readings are substantial or complete texts, not fragments.

The second edition of Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education features expanded selections by Locke, Rousseau, Kant, and Dewey, along with eight new readings:

* Mary Wollstonecraft, "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" (excerpt)
* Patricia Heidenry, "Home Is Where the School Is"
* Joseph S. Spoerl, "Justice and the Case for School Vouchers"
* Jeffrey R. Henig, "Rethinking School Choice"
* John Passmore, "The Concept of Teaching"
* Michel Foucault, "Discipline and Punish" (excerpt)
* Steven M. Cahn, "Guiding, Grading, and Guarding"
* Martha Nussbaum, "Cultivating Humanity" (excerpt)

Offering unprecedented breadth and depth of coverage, Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education, Second Edition, is the most inclusive, thorough, and accessible introduction to the field.

New to this Edition

  • The selections by Locke, Rousseau, and Kant have been expanded, as well as Dewey's "Democracy and Education".
  • Eight new readings will be featured: Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (selection); Patricia Heidenry, Home Is Where the School Is; Joseph S. Spoerl, Justice and the Case for School Vouchers; Jeffrey R. Henig, Rethinking School Choice; John Passmore, The Concept of Teaching; Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish (selection); Steven M. Cahn, Guiding, Grading, and Guarding; Martha Nussbaum, Cultivating Humanity (selection)

About the Author(s)

Steven M. Cahn is Professor of Philosophy at The City University of New York Graduate Center.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 2011
September 2010


"The blend of classic philosophers and modern thinkers brings a continuity and diversity to the thinking on the subject. I would definitely adopt this textbook for my course. Cahn's inclusion of women writers and contemporary issues is really refreshing and not expected in such a text."--Christina Ramirez-Smith, Jacksonville University

"There is simply no compendium of primary sources on the philosophy of education in print that is more comprehensive or thoughtfully arranged than this one. I am sure that it will continue to play a key role in the preparation of educational practitioners, policy makers, and leaders in the years to come."--Hanan Alexander, University of Haifa and former Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Table of Contents

    *=New to this Edition
    1. Plato
    Protagoras (selection)
    The Republic (selection)
    2. Aristotle
    Nicomachean Ethics (selection)
    Politics (selection)
    3. John Locke
    Some Thoughts Concerning Education (selection)
    4. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Emile (selection)
    5. Immanuel Kant
    Lectures on Pedagogy (selection)
    6. Mary Wollstonecraft
    * A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (selection)
    7. John Stuart Mill
    Inaugural Address at St. Andrews
    8. Alfred North Whitehead
    The Aims of Education (selection)
    9. John Dewey
    The Child and the Curriculum
    Democracy and Education (selection)
    Experience and Education
    A. Schools
    10. A. S. Neill
    Summerhill (selection)
    11. Patricia Heidenry
    * Home Is Where the School Is
    12. Kieran Egan
    Open Education: Open to What?
    13. Joseph S. Spoerl
    * Justice and the Case for School Vouchers
    14. Jeffrey R. Henig
    * Rethinking School Choice
    15. Amy Gutmann
    Democratic Education (selection)
    16. Israel Scheffler
    Moral Education and the Democratic Ideal
    B. Teaching
    17. Paul H. Hirst
    What Is Teaching?
    18. John Passmore
    * The Concept of Teaching
    19. Jacques Maritain
    Education at the Crossroads (selection)
    20. Michel Foucault
    * Discipline and Punish (selection)
    21. Paulo Freire
    Pedagogy of the Oppressed (selection)
    22. Nel Noddings
    Caring (selection)
    23. Steven M. Cahn
    * Guiding, Grading, and Guarding
    C. Curriculum
    24. Sidney Hook
    The Content of a Liberal Education
    25. Jane Roland Martin
    Two Dogmas of Curriculum
    26. Maxine Greene
    The Passions of Pluralism: Multiculturalism and the Expanding Community
    27. Richard M. Rorty
    Hermeneutics, General Studies, and Teaching
    28. John R. Searle
    Traditionalists and Their Challengers
    29. Martha Nussbaum
    * Cultivating Humanity (selection)
    30. Wm. Theodore de Bary
    Asia in the Core Curriculum

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