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An Oxford Guide

Edited by Steve Ellis

Publication Date - May 2005

ISBN: 9780199259120

668 pages

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The most comprehensive guide to Chaucer's work available, this volume features thirty-seven specially commissioned chapters by an international team of esteemed contributors. Offering work from both academics with long-standing reputations and newer voices in the field, it combines general essays that provide background and contextual information with detailed readings of specific Chaucerian texts. The book devotes an entire section to Chaucer's "afterlife," which considers his reputation in later periods, his influence on later writers, and his presence in modern and contemporary culture. Guides to further reading for each chapter and a chronology are also included.

About the Author(s)

Steve Ellis is Professor of English Literature at the University of Birmingham. He has published widely on medieval and modern literature. Publications on Chaucer include: Geoffrey Chaucer, Writers and their Work (1996), Chaucer: the 'Canterbury Tales', (Longman Critical Readers, 1998) and Chaucer At Large: the Poet in the Modern Imagination (2000).

Table of Contents

    Part 1. Historical Contexts
    1. Chaucer's Life, Ruth Evans
    2. Society and Politics, S.H. Rigby
    3. Nationhood, Ardis Butterfield
    4. London, C. David Benson
    5. Religion, Jim Rhodes
    6. Chivalry, Mark Sherman
    7. Literacy and Literary Production, Stephen Penn
    8. Language: Phonology, Morphology, Meter, Donka Minkova
    9. Philosophy, Richard Utz
    10. Science, Jacqueline Tasioulas
    11. Visual Culture, David Griffith
    12. Sexuality, Alcuin Blamires
    13. Identity and Subjecthood, John Ganim
    14. Love and Marriage, Bernard O'Donoghue
    Part 2. Literary Contexts
    15. The Classical Background, Helen Cooper
    16. The English Background, Wendy Scase
    17. The French Background, Helen Phillips
    18. The Italian Background, Nick Havely
    19. The Bible, Valerie Edden
    Part 3. Readings
    20. Earlier 20th-Century Criticism, Elizabeth Robertson
    21. Feminisms, Gail Ashton
    22. The Carnivalesque, Marion Turner
    23. Postmodernism, Barry Windeatt
    24. New Historicism, Sylvia Federico
    25. Queer Theory, Glenn Burger
    26. Postcolonial Criticism, Jeffrey Cohen
    27. Psychoanalytic Criticism, Patricia Ingham
    Part 4. Afterlife
    28. Editing Chaucer, Elizabeth Scala
    29. Reception, 15th-17th Centuries, John Thompson
    30. Reception, 18th-19th Centuries, David Matthews
    31. Reception, 20th Century, Stephanie Trigg
    32. Translations, Malcolm Andrew
    33. Chaucer in Performance, Kevin J. Harty
    34. Chaucer Today, Julian Wasserman
    35. Chaucer and His Guides, Peter Brown
    Part 5. Study Resources
    36. Printed Study Resources, Mark Allen
    37. Electronic Study Resources, Philippa Semper
    Web site
    1. Chaucer in Schools (UK), Mark Ryan
    2. Chaucer in Schools (USA), Donna Dermond
    3. Chaucer in Higher Education (UK), Rosalind Field
    4. Chaucer in Higher Education (USA), Alan Baragona