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Rachel Fink

Publication Date - May 1995

ISBN: 9780878933303

DVD (Video)

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A collection of footage of sequences filmed by active researchers in cell biology


Sponsored by the American Society for Cell Biology, this videotape is a collection of footage of sequences filmed by active researchers in cell biology.

A wide variety of microscopic and imaging techniques (including DIC, fluorescence, and time-lapse) have been used to capture these extraordinary events. This video will be appropriate for introductory biology courses to demonstrate how alive cells are, as well as for upper-level students who are interested in the details of cellular phenomena.

About the Author(s)

Rachel Fink is Professor of Biological Sciences at Mount Holyoke College.

Table of Contents

    1. Heart Beats
    2. CA++ Waves in Brain Glial Cells
    3. Dancing Ear Cell
    4. Growth Cone Interactions
    5. Blood Vessel Formation
    6. Proteus Swarm Cells
    7. Pseudopodia in Amoeba
    8. Migrating Fish Epidermal Cells
    9. In Vivo Deep Cells
    10. Fern Sperm Release
    11. Streaming Chloroplasts
    12. Mitochondria in Motion
    13. ER Tubule Dynamics
    14. Golgi Tubules and Vesicles
    15. 3-D Animation of Vesicle Trafficking
    16. E. coli Dynamics
    17. Mitosis and Nondisjunction
    18. Embryonic Chromosomes and Spindles
    19. Asbestos in Epithelial Cells

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