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Cases in Organizational Communication

A Lifespan Approach

Ryan S. Bisel and Michael W. Kramer

Publication Date - July 2019

ISBN: 9780190925444

192 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Bring Organizational Communication concepts to life using real-world cases


Cases in Organizational Communication: A Lifespan Approach is the first collection of its kind that is designed to complement a textbook (the editors' Organizational Communication: A Lifespan Approach, OUP, 2016). Bringing concepts to life by engaging readers' minds, memories, and emotions, this volume provides students and instructors with a wealth of opportunities to see, hear, and feel how communication can and does shape organizations and the experiences of people within them.


  • Flexibility: This casebook can be used as a stand-alone text or as a perfect companion to the editors' textbook (Appendix A provides a Quick-Reference Table showing which cases tie into the text).
  • Emphasis on ethics: The majority of the cases include discussion questions that encourage students to consider the ethical implications of the characters' communication, preparing the students for what they may encounter in their own careers.
  • Real-world relevance: Each case opens with a footnote indicating its origin or inspiration. Instructors can show students how the case relates to an actual event or scenario by pairing it with the published articles that inspired it, helping increase relevance and understanding for students.
  • Further reading: This section identifies related empirical and peer-review works, which instructors can assign to challenge more advanced students.

About the Author(s)

Ryan S. Bisel is Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma, where he received the Longmire Prize for excellence in teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2010. He also serves as the Faculty Fellow for the university's Center for Teaching Excellence.

Michael W. Kramer is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma.

Table of Contents

    Preface: Ryan S. Bisel and Michael W. Kramer

    Case Study 01: Strategic Ambiguity, Ideology, and Hegemonic Participation in the Yelp Elite Squad
    David A. Askay

    Case Study 02: Shifting Workforce @ the Workplace: Best Practice Case Study on Employee Engagement and Organizational Diversity
    Kate M. Delmo

    Case Study 03: Music is All I Know--A Special Case of Anticipatory Role Socialization
    Elena Gabor

    Case Study 04: Learning to Rock the Boat when a Supervisor Missteps
    Natalie Nelson-Marsh

    Case Study 05: Learning That "Nurses Eat Their Young:" Examining Intergenerational Interactions in the Workplace
    Lindsey B. Anderson and Melanie Morgan

    Case Study 06: From College to the Fast Track: Assimilation Experiences of Multiple Transitions
    Angie Pastorek and Angela Gist-Mackey

    Case Study 07: One Organization, Two Divergent Experiences: A Tale of Two Part-Time Employees' Organizational Assimilation
    Michael Sollitto

    Case Study 08: Ethics and Disclosing Illness in the Hiring Process
    Jeremy P. Fyke

    Case Study 09: Socializing With Coworkers about Wrongdoing at the Annual Company Barbeque
    Nicole A. Ploeger-Lyons and Greg Ormes

    Case Study 10: A Consultant Investigates Turnover at SMA Companies
    Vernon D. Miller, Kenneth J. Levine, and Emma E. Kinney

    Case Study 11: Big Shoes to Fill: Organizational Culture, Mentorship, and Networks During Career Changes
    Sean M. Eddington and Jessica A. Pauly

    Case Study 12: To Talk or Not to Talk: Managing Uncertainty With Coworkers
    Carissa S. Hoelscher

    Case Study 13: Culture and Decision Making at Clayborne Ridge
    David E. Weber

    Case Study 14: The Organizational Culture and Organizational Ethics of the New York Yankees Surrounding Alex Rodriguez's Doping Suspension and Eventual Exit
    Joshua M. Parcha

    Case Study 15: Making Sense of Changing Relationships With the Boss and Peers
    Jaesub Lee

    Case Study 16: Changing from One Coach to Another: Managing Leadership Changes
    Sophie Moll and Michael W. Kramer

    Case Study 17: One of Us?: Examining Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Through (non)Ethical Organizational Policies
    Benjamin D. Luttrull & Jessica M. Rick

    Case Study 18: The Church Meeting: A Group Decision-Making Study
    Frances L. M. Smith

    Case Study 19: Escalating Conflict and the Emotions of Firing an Employee
    Darius M. Benton and Cynthia L. McCullough

    Case Study 20: Newcomer Socialization and Experiences of Sexual Harassment
    Andrea L. Meluch

    Case Study 21: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: When Innovation Meets Resistance
    Eric D. Waters

    Case Study 22: House of Pain: A Case of Power and Resistance Within Collegiate Football Culture
    Alaina C. Zanin

    Case Study 23: Volunteer Management, Role Expectations, and (Dis)Empowerment
    Lacy G. McNamee

    Case Study 24: Balancing on a Tightrope: Making Work-Life Decisions in Dual-Career Couples
    Sarah E. Riforgiate and Rebekah Carnes

    Case Study 25: New Beginnings and New Challenges When Global and Local Communities Meet
    Kathleen J. Krone and Chigozirim Utah Sodeke

    Case Study 26: Gossip, a Leader's Cowardice, and a Glass Ceiling Experience
    Deanna L. Bisel and Ryan S. Bisel

    Case Study 27: (In)Voluntary Organizational Exit Amid Change, Conflict, and Resistance
    Anne Kerber and Marya Wilson

    Appendix A: Quick Reference Table

    Author Bios