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Case Studies for Organizational Communication

Understanding Communication Processes

Third Edition

Joann Keyton and Pamela Shockley-Zalabak

Publication Date - August 2009

ISBN: 9780195386721

400 pages
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches

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Featuring the exclusive, real-life case studies of top communication scholars, this text employs a unique applied approach that allows students to use their knowledge of organizational communication to analyze typical organizational problems.


Case studies offer students the opportunity to explore critical incidents and develop effective strategies for resolution. Featuring the exclusive, real-life case studies of top communication scholars, Case Studies for Organizational Communication: Understanding Communication Processes, Third Edition, employs a unique applied approach that allows students to use their knowledge of organizational communication to analyze typical organizational problems.

Edited by Joann Keyton and Pamela Shockley-Zalabak, the book includes a variety of open-ended cases that encourage lively classroom discussions. This format also provides instructors with greater flexibility in connecting case assignments to their primary text.

Now in its third edition, the book is enhanced by an updated companion website (www.oup.com/us/keytonshockley) featuring instructor resources and case studies from previous editions. Two new sections--"Organizations and Their Stakeholders" and "Organizational Crisis"--and twenty-one new readings address a variety of issues, including organizational technology, teamwork and group processes, decision-making and problem-solving, and diversity.

A flexible supplement covering a broad range of contexts and situations, Case Studies for Organizational Communication, Third Edition, is an essential resource for helping students devise successful communication strategies.

About the Author(s)

Joann Keyton is Professor of Communication at North Carolina State University.

Pamela Shockley-Zalabak is Professor of Communication and Chancellor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 2007
April 2005


"This is a great book to be used as a supplement to a traditional organizational communication text. The cases are undergraduate-friendly and conducive to lively and engaged classroom discussions. The issues alluded to in the cases reinforce course content taught during class lectures."--Suchitra Shenoy, Purdue University

"The section-based approach to grouping related cases together is a key advantage. Specific sections include cases that offer breadth in terms of the range of issues they address. Additionally, the casebook includes cases from some of the best-known scholars in the field, and the cases are accessible to a broad range of students (for use in both introductory and more advanced courses)."--Elise J. Dallimore, Northeastern University

Table of Contents

    * New to the Third Edition
    Website Cases
    Teacher Introduction: The Case Study Method as a Pedagogical Technique
    Student Introduction: Using Cases to Learn About Organizational Communication
    Example Case: The Sale, Joann Keyton
    Example Case Analysis
    Section 1: Organizational Culture
    1. How Do You Get Anything Done Around Here?, Marian L. Houser and Astrid Sheil
    2. Communicating and Leading Change in Organizations, Christina M. Bates
    3. Managing a Merger, Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Mary Simpson, and Theodore E. Zorn
    4. Incompatible IT Cultures, Jeanne S. McPherson
    5. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude, Erika Kirby
    *6. Growing Pains, Jessica Katz Jameson
    *7. How Dare He Manage Our Talk, Ryan S. Bisel and Amber S. Messersmith
    Section 2: Organizational Technology
    8. Caught in the Intranet, Jensen Chung
    9. The Difficulties of Virtual Leaders, Alexander Lyon
    10. Knowledge Is Power, Melinda Morris Villagran and Mary Hoffman
    11. The E-Mails in the Clinic Initial Services Department, Heather Walter
    *12. Finding a Home for Communication Technologies, Craig R. Scott, Laurie K. Lewis, Jenn D. Davis, and Scott C. D'Urso
    Section 3: Teamwork and Group Processes
    13. Reorganizing Human Resources at ASP Software, Donald L. Anderson
    14. Teaming Up for Change, Maryanne Wanca-Thibault and Adelina Gomez
    *15. Lessons Learned, MJ Helgerson
    *16. Taking Charge, Joann Keyton
    Section 4: Decision Making and Problem Solving
    17. How Much Does Passion Count?, Stuart L. Esrock, Joy L. Hart, and Greg B. Leichty
    18. Permission to Walk, Michael L. Kramer
    19. For the Good of Many, Nancy M. Schullery and Melissa K. Gibson
    20. A Matter of Perspective, Paaige K. Turner and Robert L. Krizek
    21. The Expert Facilitator, Mary E. Vielhaber
    *22. Corporate Social Responsibility v. Greenwashing, Astrid Sheil and Heather Gearhart
    Section 5: The Individual and the Organization
    23. Bob's Dilemma, Erica L. Kirby
    24. Working Without Papers, Shawn D. Long
    25. Corporate Counseling, Steve May
    26. Managing Multiple Roles, Caryn E. Medved and Julie Apker
    27. No Laughing Matter, Linda Dickmeyer and Scott Dickmeyer
    28. Not on my Sabbath, Joy Koesten
    *29. The Aggrieved Mediator, Christine E. Cooper
    *30. An Officer First and a Nurse Second, Colleen E. Arendt
    *31. Finding the Right Associate, Leslie Reynard
    *32. Conflict Around Performance Reviews, Elayne Shapiro
    *33. There's a New Sheriff in Town, Lori J. Joseph
    *34. Resisting Disability, Carol B. Mills
    Section 6: Organizational Diversity
    35. Where Does It Hurt?, Cynthia Irizarry
    36. A Case of Mistreatment at Work?, Mary Meares and John Oetzel
    37. The Penis People, Diane Kay Sloan
    38. Navigating the Limits of a Smile, Sarah J. Tracy
    *39. Putting My Best Foot Forward, Aparna Hebbani
    *40. Berating the (Japanese) Bow, Andrew J. Critchfield
    *41. Islamophobia at Work, Shawn Long
    Section 7: Organizations and Their Stakeholders
    *42. Inviting Public Input, Stephen C. Yungbluth and Zachary P. Hart
    *43. Give Me Information or I'll Blog, Patty C. Malone and Keri K. Stephens
    *44. Community Civility, Rod Troester
    *45. The Sago Mine Disaster, Carlos E. Balhana and Deanna F. Womack
    Section 8: Organizational Crisis
    *46. More Questions Than Answers, Amanda M. Gunn
    *47. Ethics in Big Pharma, Alexander Lyon and Robert R. Ulmer
    *48. Forced Collaboration, Beth Eschenfelder
    About the Editors
    About the Contributors
    Detailed Case Content Index