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Career Reflections of Social Work Educators

Spencer Zeiger

Publication Date - 01 July 2010

ISBN: 9780190616106

240 pages
5.8 x 8.5 inches


From the Foreword by Marshall L. Smith: "There is so much more to becoming a social work educator than just being prepared to walk into class. Career Reflections of Social Work Educators takes a giant step toward preparing the fledgling practitioner-turned-social-work-educator for the career adventure ahead. I certainly wish I had known about academic politics, grant writing, the process of achieving tenure, strategies and requirements for promotion, and the need to spend time in the community recruiting new students. I also wish I had known about limited resources, dealing with mercurial administrators, and the incredibly complicated process of accreditation and reaffirmation . Perhaps the greatest value of Career Reflections of Social Work Educators is that it will help novice academicians enter the academy with eyes wide open and avoid, or at least face, the inevitable bumps in the road with their sense of humor firmly intact. It is the closest we have to a global positioning system (GPS) for navigating the career of the social work educator."


  • Advice to future social work educators
  • In-depth discussion on pros and cons of longevity as a social work educator
  • Steps for avoiding/surviving pitfalls and how to excel professionally
  • Input from veteran social work educators

About the Author(s)

Spencer Zeiger (MSW, PhD, University of Washington) is professor and MSW program director at Pacific University. He has taught in Minnesota, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Georgia. His practice experience includes working with adolescents in residential treatment, older adults in day treatment, and teenage fathers. Zeiger has served as treasurer (1998-2000) and president (2001-2003) of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors.

Table of Contents

    1 Paths to Social Work Education
    2 The Defining Moment
    3 In for the Long Haul: Why They Stay
    4 Unexpected Pluses
    5 Bumps in the Road
    6 I Wish I Had Known . . .
    7 In Search of Greener Pastures
    8 The Dream Offer
    9 What Have You Done for Me Lately?: The Quest for Professional Resources
    10 The Job Seeker's Primer
    11 Faculty Search Committee 101
    12 Keeping the Grass Green
    13 The Pros and Cons of Longevity