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Carbohydrate Chemistry

B. G. Davis and A. J. Fairbanks

Publication Date - 15 August 2002

ISBN: 9780198558330

96 pages


This book introduces the chemistry of carbohydrates, a family of molecules that have a central role in metabolism. This pivotal role in the biochemistry of life makes the study of carbohydrates important to both students of biochemistry and chemistry; this class of compound can also be used to illustrate some of the important principles of stereochemistry.


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Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Open chain and ring structure of monosaccharides
    3. Reactions of the anomeric centre Part I
    4. Reactions of hydroxyl groups Part I
    5. Reactions of the anomeric centre Part II
    6. Reactions of hydroxyl groups Part II: cyclic acetals
    7. Chemical disaccharide formation
    8. Enzymatics dissacharide formation
    9. Chemical glycobiology
    Appendix: Drawing sugars
    Answers to problems
    Further Reading

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