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Business Data Analysis using Excel

David Whigham

Publication Date - July 2010

ISBN: 9780199296286

310 pages

Retail Price to Students: $124.99


Taking a thematic approach to the use of Excel spreadsheets in introductory business data analysis, this text has been designed to explain the overall nature of what is to be achieved and also instruction in how it is to be done.
The learning approach is highly interactive and enables students to develop an understanding of the power of Excel in allowing both analysis of business data sets and in the flexible preparation of graphs, charts and tables for inclusion in reports and essays.
The text is supported by an online resource center with self-marking exercises that can be used by instructors for formative and summative assessment, and a series of PowerPoint files containing all of the illustrated worksheets and figures.


  • Uses software that students are already familiar with to develop quantitative knowledge of Business and Management.
  • Interactive text linked to tasks which are usable within a Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Real data sets and illustrative examples focussed on the business environment show how data analysis is applied to the real world.

About the Author(s)

David Whigham is Senior Lecturer in Economics at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Excel (1)
    2. Understanding Data
    3. Data Handling
    4. Charting Data
    5. Elementary Modelling (1)
    6. Elementary Modelling (2)
    7. Collating and Categorising Data
    8. Data Description - Central Tendency
    9. Data Description - Dispersion
    10. Data Description - Further Methods
    11. Data Description - Association
    12. Regression Analysis
    13. Financial Arithmetic
    14. Investment Appraisal

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