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Experimental Design and Statistical Inference

James F. Zolman

Publication Date - 25 February 1993

ISBN: 9780195078107

368 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


This textbook takes a unique approach to explaining and demonstrating how to use and interpret statistics for the physiological, medical, and life sciences. The first third of the book presents an integrated overview and introduction to experimental design and statistical inference. The rest of the book provides an extensively cross-referenced set of 100 brief critiques of sample case studies embodying all the most common statistical errors or design problems found in the biological literature. These specific cases are effective for teaching the principles of biostatistics. The examples are drawn primarily from biomedicine, yet the book is also valuable to psychologists, social scientists, environmental scientists, ecologists, and any discipline employing statistics.

Table of Contents

    Section 1: Experimental Design
    1. The Anatomy of an Experiment
    2. The Anatomy of a Scientific Paper
    3. Evaluation of a Scientific Article
    4. Experimental Design
    Section 2: Statistical Inference, Analysis of Variance and Post-Hoc Analysis
    5. Statistical Inference
    6. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    7. Post-Hoc Analysis
    Section 3: Statistical Tests
    8. Parametric Tests
    9. Special ANOVA Designs and Analyses
    10. Popular Post-Hoc Multiple Comparison Tests
    11. Nonparametric Tests
    12. Selection of Statistical Tests
    Section 4: Research Design Problems and Their Critiques
    Research Design Problem: Sample

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