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Barricades and Borders

Europe 1800-1914

Third Edition

Robert Gildea

Publication Date - April 2003

ISBN: 9780199253005

544 pages

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This is a comprehensive survey of European history from the coup d'etat of Napoleon Bonaparte in France to the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand at Sarajevo, which led to the First World War. It concentrates on the twin themes of revolution and nationalism, which often combined in the early part of the century but which increasingly became rival creeds. Going beyond traditional political and diplomatic history, the book incorporates the results of recent research on population movements, the expansion of markets, the accumulation of capital, social mobility, education, changing patterns of leisure, religious practices, and intellectual and artistic developments.
The work falls into three chronological sections. The first, starting in 1800 (rather than the more usual 1815) follows the build-up of the revolutionary currents which were eventually going to erupt in the `Year of Revolutions' 1848. The second, from 1850 to 1880, deals with the golden age of capitalism, the successful culmination of struggles for national unification, and the threat of anarchism. The concluding chapters look at the social and political stresses caused by socialism and national minorities, at new attempts by government to order society, imperial rivalry, and the descent into a war which was to mark the end of nineteenth-century Europe.
For this third edition, Dr Gildea has substantially revised the text and maps, and completely updated the bibliography. New introductory sections guide the reader through the wealth of material in each chapter. The new edition also includes a full chronology of the period, a list of leading state ministers, and family trees for all the major dynasties.


  • The most broad-ranging text on the market - provides comprehensive treatment of economic, cultural, and political issues, from both Western and Eastern European perspectives
  • Now includes a chronology, a list of leading state ministers, and family trees for all the major dynasties, as well as a fully revised and updated bibliography
  • Analysis of Nationalism and High Politics has been fully revised, taking into account the latest research in the field, without becoming overly theoretical
  • Includes extended discussion of the Church and religion, emphasizing the Church's role as an alternative to secular modernizing voices

About the Author(s)

Robert Gildea is Professor of Modern French History at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Merton College.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 1996
September 1987

Table of Contents

    List of Maps
    List of Tables
    Part I: Europe 1800-1850
    1. The Quickening Pace
    2. Napoleonic Europe
    3. Metternich's Europe
    4. The Revolutions of 1848
    5. Hierarchies of Culture
    Part II: Europe 1850-1880
    6. Mid-Century Prosperity
    7. Nationalism and Unification
    8. Revolution Contained
    9. Mid-Century Culture
    Part III: Europe 1880-1914
    10. The Struggle for Economic Supremacy
    11. Problems of National Integration
    12. The Race for Empire
    13. The Management of Society
    14. Culture at the Turn of the Century
    15. The Break-Up of Nineteenth-Century Europe
    Biographical Dictionary of Major Figures

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