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Architecture: A Very Short Introduction

Andrew Ballantyne

Publication Date - 19 December 2002

ISBN: 9780192801791

152 pages
4-1/2 x 7 inches

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This highly original and sophisticated look at architecture helps us to understand the cultural significance of the buildings that surround us. It avoids the traditional style-spotting approach and instead gives us an idea of what it is about buildings that moves us, and what it is that makes them important artistically and culturally. The book begins by looking at how architecture acquires meaning through tradition, and concludes with the exoticism of the recent avant-garde period. Illustrations of particular buildings help to anchor the general points with specific examples, from ancient Egypt to the present day.


  • Short introduction to architecture -- perfect for the general reader and students
  • Includes well-known examples from Ancient Greece to the present day
  • Explains what gives buildings meaning
  • Explains what makes certain buildings special
  • Illustrations of key buildings

About the Author(s)

Andrew Ballantyne qualified and practised as an architect, and then moved into academic work. He has held research and teaching posts at the universities of Sheffield, Bath, and Newcastle, where he is now Professor of Architecture. He has written on architectural history and theory, and his previous books are Architecture, Landscape and Liberty and What is Architecture?.

Table of Contents

    1. Adding Value: how buildings become architecture
    2. Architectural Heritage: how buildings tell us who we are
    3. Architectural Canons: how architecture achieves greatness
    Further reading