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Ancient Greek Literature

Second Edition

Edited by K. J. Dover
With E. L. Bowie, Jasper Griffin, and M. L. West

Publication Date - 18 December 1997

ISBN: 9780192892942

208 pages


This historical survey covers the period from 700 BC to AD 550, tracing the development of Greek literature by concentrating on the works of the principal authors of each period--including Homer, Plato, Aristophanes, and Euripides--and illustrating general points with passages from their work in translation. It pays attention to unfamiliar components of Greek life and literature and also considers those elements that have appealed most powerfully to succeeding generations. Although it recognizes that this appeal lies above all in the most creative and inventive period (700-300 BC), the book also gives an account of the following eight hundred years, which saw the impact of earlier inspirations. Poetry, tragedy, comedy, history, science, philosophy, and oratory are all examined through the available literature. The second edition has been revised to take account of recent scholarship, such as the influence of oriental traditions of Greek literature, and includes several new translations and a thoroughly updated bibliography.

About the Author(s)

Sir Kenneth Dover is Vice-Chancellor for University of St. Andrews. He is a former president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and of the British Academy.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 1980

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction, K.J. Dover
    2. Homeric and Hesiodic poetry, M.L. West
    3. Other early poetry, M.L. West
    4. Tragedy, K.J. Dover
    5. Comedy, K.J. Dover
    6. The classical historians, K.J. Dover
    7. Classical science and philosophy, K.J. Dover
    8. Classical oratory, K. J. Dover
    9. Greek literature 300-50BC, J. Griffin
    10. Greek literature after 50 BC, E.L. Bowie
    Chronological table
    Further reading