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An Introduction to Molecular Ecology

Second Edition

Trevor Beebee and Graham Rowe

Publication Date - January 2008

ISBN: 9780199292059

416 pages

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Now in full-color, this pedagogically-rich text shows students how molecular techniques can be applied to traditional ecological questions.


How do we know whether a particular species is monogamous or promiscuous? How can we monitor the illegal trafficking of wildlife? How can we differentiate between the many similar species making up a microbial community? An Introduction to Molecular Ecology introduces the latest molecular concepts and techniques, demonstrating how genetic markers and molecular tools can be used to answer such ecological questions. Such questions, whose answers were previously out of our reach, can now be probed, thereby revolutionizing our understanding of ecological systems and phenomena.

Blending conceptual detail with the most instructive examples, An Introduction to Molecular Ecology is an ideal resource for those new to the subject needing to develop a strong working understanding of the field. The book captures the broad scope of the subject, exploring the use of molecular tools in the context of topics including behavioral genetics, phylogeography, microbial ecology, and conservation.

BL Demonstrates the power of molecular ecology as a research tool in a style ideally suited for an undergraduate audience
BL Uses practical examples to demonstrate the latest methods and concepts rather than relying exclusively on theoretical models
BL Blends factual content with tools for active learning

New to this Edition

  • Full-color design with a series of stunning new photographs
  • Improved pedagogy, including web links, end-of-chapter questions, and data analysis exercises
  • New practical and analytical method boxes present case studies and associated references for further study
  • Superior coverage of quantitative concepts
  • Enhanced companion website with data files to support exercises posed in the book, links to articles referenced in the text, and downloadable figures

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 2004


"I would like to congratulate the authors for providing such a good textbook in introductory molecular ecology. Molecular ecology is an emerging interdisciplinary field with a great potential for future growth. Writing a textbook in such a field is a daunting task and the authors did an overall excellent job."--Dr. Jianping Xu, McMaster University, Canada

"It was exactly what I was looking for: a short but well written introduction to the topic."--Stacey L. Lance, Colby College

"This text has filled the need for a comprehensive introductory text in molecular ecology. The topics covered are of great interest to students in biology, and the authors have done an excellent job of illustrating the concepts with examples from the primary research literature that represent well the taxonomic diversity of molecular ecological studies."--Keith Karoly, Reed College

Table of Contents

    1. A History of Molecular Ecology
    2. Molecular Ecology for Ecologists
    3. Molecular Identification: Species, Individuals, and Sex
    4. Behavioral Ecology
    5. Population Genetics
    6. Molecular and Adaptive Variation
    7. Phylogeography
    8. Conservation Genetics
    9. Microbial Ecology and the Metagenome
    10. Genetically Modified Organisms