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An Introduction to Molecular Ecology

Third Edition

Graham Rowe, Michael Sweet, and Trevor Beebee

Publication Date - May 2017

ISBN: 9780198716990

400 pages
10.4 x 7.7 inches

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Combines theoretical concepts with practice-driven examples to showcase the latest molecular and genomic techniques and their impact on the study of ecology


The opening chapters introduce the essential molecular and genetic concepts that underpin the subject and describe key molecular tools and methods available to the ecologist. Capturing the broad scope of the field, the book goes on to explore the use of molecular tools in the context of behavioral ecology, population genetics, phylogeography, conservation, and microbial ecology.

The third edition includes coverage of exciting new technological and analytical developments, such as next generation sequencing, which have revolutionized the field over the last decade. Molecular ecology is now in a position to tackle some truly ecological questions for the first time since its inception.

Blending conceptual detail with the most instructive examples, An Introduction to Molecular Ecology is an ideal resource for those new to the subject needing to develop a strong working understanding of the field.

The Online Resource Center features:

For students:
*Answers to end of chapter problems
*Datasets to accompany in-text activities

For instructors:
*A "Journal Club" of suggested research papers and discussion questions linked to topics featured in the book
*Figures from the textbook to view and download


  • Covers the latest technological and conceptual advances in molecular ecology
  • Detailed case studies and examples explore molecular ecology in practice
  • Quantitative tools panels, paired with data analysis exercises, help students develop essential quantitative skills
  • Essay topics and online "Journal Clubs" promote critical thinking and bridge the gap between textbook and primary literature

About the Author(s)

Graham Rowe is Lecturer in Biological Sciences at University of Derby.

Michael Sweet is Lecturer in Invertebrate Biology at University of Derby.

Trevor Beebee is Professor Emeritus of Evolution, Behavior, and Environment at the University of Sussex.

Previous Publication Date(s)

November 2007
December 2003

Table of Contents

    1. Molecular ecology: roots and branches
    2. Molecular biology for ecologists
    3. Molecular tools for molecular ecologists
    4. Next generation sequencing
    5. Species, populations, and individuals
    6. Behavioural ecology
    7. Population genetics
    8. Neutral and adaptive molecular variation
    9. Phylogeography
    10. Conservation genetics
    11. Microbial ecology and metagenomics
    12. Genomes
    13. Genomics

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