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An Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals

David Hume
Edited by Tom L. Beauchamp

Publication Date - May 1998

ISBN: 9780198751847

304 pages


In this highly influential work, Hume sets out his theory of justice and benevolence and the other virtues and argues that morality is founded on the natural feelings or sentiments of humankind. The text printed in this edition is the Clarendon critical edition of Hume's works. Designed especially for students, this volume includes detailed explanatory notes on the text, a glossary of terms, a full list of references, and a section of supplementary readings.

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introductory Material
    How to Use this Book
    List of Abbreviations
    Editor's Introduction
    1. Life and Early Publishing History
    2. Hume's General Philosophy
    3. Background Controversies in Moral Philosophy
    4. Hume's Moral Philosophy
    5. The Structure of the Text
    6. Conclusion: Hume's Influence
    The Text Printed in this Edition
    Supplementary Reading
    Part 2: The Text
    An Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals
    1. Of the General Principles of Morals
    2. Of Benevolence
    3. Of Justice
    4. Of Political Society
    5. Why Utility Pleases
    6. Of Qualities Useful to Ourselves
    7. Of Qualities Immediately Agreeable to Ourselves
    8. Of Qualities Immediately Agreeable to Others
    9. Conclusion
    Appendix 1. Concerning Moral Sentiment
    Appendix 2. Of Self-love
    Appendix 3. Some Farther Considerations with regard to Justice
    Appendix 4. Of Some Verbal Disputes
    A Dialogue
    Part 3
    Annotations to the Enquiry