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An Anthology

Edited by Mark B. Rosenberg, A. Douglas Kincaid, and Kathleen Logan

Publication Date - April 1992

ISBN: 9780195077926

400 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


A companion volume to a major PBS series premiering in January 1993, this anthology provides a comprehensive overview of the major regions and current issues in Latin America. Each of the volume's thirteen chapters corresponds with a segment of the series and contains a wealth of primary and secondary source material, including speeches, letters, government documents, newspaper and magazine articles, and essays. Each chapter has a specific thematic and geographical focus: the chapter on women, for example, features readings on Chile, providing background on the recent political and economic upheaval that has had an especially dramatic influence on women's lives, while the chapter on religion examines the link between the renewed spiritual revival and theological debate in Brazil and Nicaragua and the marked renewal of social activism in those countries. Offering a general introduction, extensive notes, and a final integrating chapter, this anthology is an essential resource for anyone interested in Latin American history.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Legacies of Empire: From Conquest to Independence
    3. The Garden of Forking Paths: Dilemmas of National Development
    4. Capital Sins: Authoritarianism and Democratization
    5. Continent on the Move: Migration and Urbanization
    6. Mirrors of the Heart: Color, Class, and Identity
    7. In Women's Hands: The Changing Roles of Women
    8. Miracles Are Not Enough: Continuity and Change in Religion
    9. Builders of Images: Writers, Artists, and Popular Culture
    10. Get Up, Stand Up: The Problems of Sovereignty
    11. Fire in the Mind: Revolutions and Revolutionaries
    12. The Americans: Latin American and Caribbean Peoples in the United States

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